Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Having 3 young children, Halloween is a pretty big deal around here. And I have to say that since I had my little guy...I simply just cant seem to keep up. I don't know if its the whole parent to kid ratio being off balance now, or trying to keep track of 2 school aged children's schedules in addition to a toddlers busy life, or just that I'm slower than I used to be.

I think it was about 4 pm this afternoon when I realized that I had better get all the kids costumes together and make sure that everything was gonna work out. Trick or treating was still 2 hours away...but I knew that the time would go by quickly. I mean, it wasn't just costumes that I had to deal with....there were also sleepover arrangements, dinner to be made, and wait...I hear the phone, but where is it exactly...I thought for sure I set it on the counter....still ringing away, but the fact that my 2 year old is now running around with no bottoms on and hollering that he did in fact decide to take his diaper off and that he wanted me to know that he pushed his sleeves back all by himself so that he could wash his hands, well, that took precedence over the ringing phone.

So, in addition to replacing the bottoms on the rear end of my child, I also managed to get all my things together and set on the counter.

And from those things I managed to make this. Well, yeah, I made him too, but what I was referring to this particular time was just the costume.

We haven't even begun and hes decided he needs a break.

You will notice that there are only 2 kids in the picture. Sigh. This is what happens when your daughter is 12....its way cooler to go out with your
friends....Really, tho. It was a very hard decision for her to make.....but in the end...friends won out.

The grim reaper doing a jig.

After about an hour and a half, the adults, I mean kids, were ready to head back towards the house. G had already found the prime spot of the night and was enjoying a sucker while he had a relaxing ride back to home base.

The weather was fantastically fabulous for a night of trick or treating. No coats were necessary which is a huge thing. Luckily, we made it home just in time. Frosty just wasn't cut out for these long, warm nights.

After all the candy was sorted and the little one was tucked safely in bed....Polar fleece was calling my name....ahhhhh...cozy.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Mim said...

Busy Mom! The little Snowman turned out too cute and J looks Scar-E! Did you check the dryer for your phone, maybe you set it down there?

Farmer Jen said...

Sounds like everyone had fun. We never get any trick or treaters out here where I live. I guess we all live too far apart to walk house to house. We did carve our pumpkins last night though.

GreyWolf said...

Good Job Mom!
Loved the Frosty costume.

inadvertentfarmer said... still astounds me how some things of motherhood are so universal. The lost phone, the bare toddler bum, the last minute rushing. It is a wonder that we survive till they are all raised and gone.

BTW...cute frosty costume!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Another successful Halloween - good job, MOM! You complain of being slower, but look at all you got done - bravo!
...And I swear I'm not going to tease you here on your blog about dressing your youngest son up in giant plastic bags. :-) :-)
Loved J. doing the Grim Reaper Jig - that's the one I want to meet!

sugarcreekstuff said...

I tell my kids when I'm old, they get to push me in a stroller.
Your little snowman is adorable!
Happy Halloween.

frugalmom said...

mim: They both has a good time. He loved being a snowman. And, he jept his nose on all night.

farmer jen: Yeah, I bet the farther out you live the less likely you are to get trick or treaters. Altho, you still gotta buy candy, right? I mean, just in case. And then, well, you get all the extra!

greywolf: Thanks.

inadvertentfarmer: So true! I dont even remember now where I did find the phone.

Danni: Oh no, you wont tease me here on the blog.....That would be too planned. It will come up some other time, totally unexpected like. I should have posted a not try this at home.

sugarcreekstuff: Thanks, Michelle. You know it. You and I can have stroller races.