Monday, March 16, 2009

The drama of it all

A few days ago K was having a sleepover at a friends house. She called home that evening all distraught and fretting over a huge disaster that had just happened. WHAT?, WHAT?, I say, after listening to her voice and hearing all the sadness and concern hovering there. (In the back of my mind I am listing off all the terrible things that must have happened) She says, I brought my beads over here to M's house and on the way something terrible happened. The container got turned on its side and ALL my seed beads spilled ALL over. (Oh for cryin out loud)(I say this in my head) Oh, okay, well have you tried picking them up perhaps? Well, they didnt actually spill on the floor. They all just spilled into each other in the container and now the colors are all mixed up and its going to be impossible to sort them all out and its just awful, mom. Okay, well, it sounds like you have a couple options. Sort them out. Or not. Everything will be fine. Just find something else to do for now and we will figure it all out when you get home.

Fast forward to yesterday. We finally had time to assess the situation and this is what we found. Every single color has now merged with another becoming what they sell as rainbow mix.

This is the size of a single seed bead.

This is the size of many seed beads.

This is going to call for some serious specialty tools.

The spoon allows us to remove the beads from the little cubbies.

The card? Yeah, I had to ask, too. S said, well, I was thinking I could use it like you see the pharmacists counting out the pills.....So, what begins as a pile then gets moved around with the card in hopes of some actual sorting going on.

There was A LOT of discussion on how this was all going to work out. Would it work out? What would be the best way? Was there a BEST way?

And of course, strict supervision is required.

And everyone knows that supervisors require snacks.

And when the supervising is over, well, then he needs busy work. Or we would have have had an even larger seed bead mess. So, what began as this.

Got turned into this.

He really made quick work of that entire bag.

After what felt like many hours of sorting and led to several original cases of "a pain in the neck":

We salvaged what we could and they went into this new container that has separate locking cubbies. So as to avoid another seed bead disaster.

And then, we threw in the towel and declared these unsorted beads, the recyclers. The dreaded, dig thru the tub looking for a few spares....

But, shhhhhhhh. Dont tell K. They had all these for 50% off at the craft store.

I think it should be more than enough to get her going again. They will wait for her here, on the counter, until she arrives home from school.


Farmer Jen said...

You are a cool Mom. I bet every kid want a Mom like you.

Country Girl said...

I have had that happen on a few occassions. I too like the round stackable containers. Much better! What kind of dog is that, very cute!

Mim said...

Oh my word, the teen drama has begun. LOL That is not fun what you guys were doing, I've done that and shoot I think I would have just scrapped it and went and bought all new beads! As you did in the end!

Hey G, whatcha got there? An Oreo? Or some other kind a cookie?

Diane said...

Oh what great fun.. you know with ALL this extra time I have on my hands now, I could probably sort all those beads.I want the supervisors job,those cookies look good!

Gnightgirl said...

I was just thinking about beading the other day, still have all of my equipment.

Ahem. I think K should make something to enter into the Artists' Against Aids show in April....She makes at least half of what her entry sells for, and supports a good cause....

(I've already gotten 3 people to participate; I guess I should get working on my own project!)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is thank god you're a 7. I cannot even imagine doing something like that as a 60 or 70 something. I'm just sayin'.

sugarcreekstuff said...

You are awesome parents. That supervisor is pretty cool too.

If I spill my beads will you buy me some?

And farm mom, even as an 80, I sorted hundreds of legos in my day, I just get into what I call my "Rainman Mode" and sort away!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Awww, you're the best mamma ever! I love the picture of the new bead tubes all lined up on the counter...because, even though I'm a 60 (or something), I still like things neatly lined up.
And all I have to say is, NO WONDER you're almost out of your Trader Joe's Dark-Chocolate Covered Pretzels....I don't want to hear any more whining about that.

linda m said...

Oh will she be one happy girl when she comes home from school! What a great Mom.

Egghead said...

I have had that happen as well and it is so frustrating. I feel her pain. I use a large pill box just like yours with the individual snapping lids. Works great.

frugalmom said...

Farmer Jen: Awww, thanks for that. That made me smile very big.

Country girl: The round ones are good too, but what K has trouble with on those is that it is hard to tell which end id then if she opens it upside down they all spill out. The puppy is half rat terrier and half chinese crested...very odd mix. But made for a super cute pup!

Mim: Well, we gave it our best shot...but after awhile, we had had enough. And those things G's eating....dark choc covered pretzels...

Diane: Heck yeah...YOU could have sorted them out.

Gnightgirl: Ill have to talk to K about the show. I bet she would be interested in doing that.

Farm mom: I knew that 7 would come in handy for something. But you know, you being a 10 and all...that really made you back up in this situation.

sugarcreekstuff: Kmart...Kmart..gotta get my underwear at Kmart. Judge Wapner...4 that what you said while you sorted legos?

Danni: What? I have good reason to be out tho. Very good reason. I mean, theres proof right there. That I havent been eating them all by myself.....

lindam: Thank you. She was a very happy girl when she got home. She was very excited to see all the new colors.

Egghead: Yeah, its a much better system. Lets hope we dont have anything like that happen again. Next time we will either be pros or we will give up even sooner!

CeeCee said...

Okay, you get a gold star and....well, gosh, I don't know what else.
I would never in a million years sorted through all those beads. I would have just been a mean mom and said, "just sort through them as you go--if you need blue, then look for blue.."
You get the Mom of the Year award, and so does your hubby!!

PS...looks like you found some more chocolate covered pretzels. :)