Saturday, March 7, 2009

Road Trip!

Mim threw out the idea that she had been thinking of doing a little shopping. Where, I say? West, she says. Well, damn if I didnt know that it was Trader Joe's that she was speaking of. (okay, really? I had no idea what direction it was, but when she said the city, I knew right away where she was headed.) We dont have any of these wonderfully fantastic grocery stores in the vicinity, so when we want to go we have to make a road trip. We call all our friends and get their lists, too. Why? Because its the right thing to do.

Naturally, being the good friend that I am, I had to ask if she needed any help on
her trip.(Sometimes known as inviting myself) And, of course, she did. So, I did my part and drove. Funny that. I didnt REALLY drive. I hate driving in the city. In fact, if the road has more than 2 lanes on my side of traffic....I break out in the cold head begins to jerk and I start rambling about spiders in my bed. But, I did help. I sat in my seat and kept her company and every once in a while I even hollered at the GPS system. Dont say it. I know. You totally want me as your helper next time you go on a road trip. Well, get in line...Ill pencil you in!

Sigh. Imagine this picture with a warm glow and angels singing. Thats how I felt when we pulled up and got out.

Yay! Me in front of TJ's. Ive decided I need to start a TJ's scrapbook. Every time I go to a new one Im gonna take a snapshot of me there....(so far that means I have 2. Missouri and Oregon.)

Look at all the pretty flowers. Makes me yearn for Spring even more.

I heart these.

I have to say that I began to panic when I couldnt find my dark chocolate covered pretzels. The last ones I had were from my trip out west in January. So, as you might guess those were long gone and I was in need of some more. Luckily, we found them.

I was very happy about that.

We finished our shopping and got all checked out. Im really not sure what the little tickets are for that you put your name on the back and give to the cashier. But I do know that Mim got one and I did not. Hows that work?

Next up? Whole Foods. This is where you can literally eat your entire lunch by walking around the store and having samples.

Mim had never tasted goat I kinda strong armed her into trying it. You gotta at least try it, I say.

Blech. Spat. Sput. Blech. She didnt really like it. I believe her words first it was nice, kinda citrusy....then it hit me. It tasted like earth. I personally think it tastes like goats smell, but ya know, thats just my opinion.

After the goat cheese sampling we mosied around a little more. Looked at this and that.

This? This here. Mim was in heaven. I, on the other hand, was not. Who knew there were so many kinds of olives.

I hear that these black ones are pretty tasty. Ill just take that on someones word. Every time I try them...tasty is not the word that comes to mind.

It was a great trip. Cant wait till we go again. Dont worry tho, Ill ask you for your list when we go.


Farmer Jen said...

You crack me up! Sounds like you had a great road trip to TJs and Whole Foods! Lovely weather too. I believe the TJs tickets are given out if you bring your own reusable shopping bags to pack your groceries in. They have a drawing for a free gift card or groceries or something each week.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Um, you said "damn".
Yes, Trader Joe's is da bomb. BTW, if i could, I would marry Trader Joe. But I've already told you that a million times, I know. I think goat cheese *totally* tastes like my goat, Rodney, smelled. Yuck. Farmer Jen is correct, you get a ticket when you bring in your own bag. You write your name on the ticket and if your name is picked, you get a $25 gift card. I've been doing this for almost 2 years now and still my name has not been chosen. This makes me a little sad.
I can't believe all those olives. Heaven!
Fun pics, Marcee...

frugalmom said...

Okay, I totally brought in my own bag. Does it have to be TJ's bag?

Mim said...

Yeah, so thanks for all your help driving and navigating, oh yeah, you don't do either of those things do you. Oh well, you make up for it in conversation and your positive attitude when we have to take the scenic route.

I'm so glad you didn't take an "after the bite of goat cheese" picture, that would have been really unattractive.

Mmmm, I am so regretting not buying any of those olives. But the whole $10.99 a lb. thing, I just couldn't do it.

You know it's my whole lucky karma thing with the ticket.

Looking forward to next time.

Gnightgirl said...

Mmmmmmm, brack orives, I rove them.

And goat cheese! I make the greatest goat cheese & spinach & bacon omelets, don't you know.

I can verify that you did indeed ask to take my order. I wondered what kind of tail spin I'd put you in if I asked you to pick out 12 bottles of wine to bring home. You like wine about as much as you like olives, yes?

Next time when I have lots of $$$ I'll give you a long list.

You went to St. Louis? You'd like that Sassington Farmer's market store a lot!

goatgirl said...

I feel the same about goat cheese. Me,of all people, want to like it but it tastes like you are licking the goat.
But I LOVE olives!

Anonymous said...

What fun! We, like you marcee, are deprived of Trader Joe, but I could spend days in Whole Foods. Seriously. And all those olives!! ....sigh...

Okay, I'm starting to get nervous. Why do I feel like hanging out with you is like having the popparazzi follow you around snapping pics of everything? Am I gonna have to hire some security this summer? ;)

shy_smiley said...

i feel positively decadent living in a city that boasts 4 Trader Joe's, a Whole Foods, an AJ's, and numerous Mexican markets. Of course, all of our main thoroughfares are 3 lanes each way, but if you're creative and take that scenic route, you can get most places on 2 laners.

Sounds like you had a good time!

GreyWolf said...

So did YOU try the goat cheese too?
or did you just force Mim to??
What a great friend you are, being so helpful and all, so when I place my order with you, are you going to deliver it too?
Oh, and July 12th I will need the assistance of an experienced navigator for a trip to the wilds of Canada are you and your GPS available?

Anonymous said...

Wow I feel really bad that you have to drive so far to TJ's. I only live about 20 mins from both TJ's and Whole Foods. Sounds like you both had a good time. I can get a list from you before we come in July. Love ya....Shelly

CeeCee said...

How come nobody ever invites me on fun shopping trips?
Poor Mim, you shouldn't torture her with goat cheese. Did she have to choke it down, or was she able to spit it out? I think goat cheese is best eaten in something, as opposed to plain/on a cracker.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Goat cheese, not a big fan myself. Olives either (don't tell Danni). It's nice to know there are others like me out there.
Ann Arbor has a TJ's and 2 WFs. I'm just saying if you ever end up in the area someday for some reason.

My word verification is karworm. That may be a good nickname when you are navigating.

Claire said...

Oh I just adore goat cheese, but I also adore my goats, and I even like their smell (except for the buck, sometimes). The stuff with the honey looked fab. I can pass on the olives. They taste like I imagine old socks soaked in vinegar with llama beans might taste. Llama beans are what is in our farmyard, by the way, left for us by our llamas.

I have no idea where the closest Trader Joe's or Whole Foods is to me. I know we have neither in Iowa anywhere. Maybe Chicago, so 6 hours drive. Sigh. I have never been to either. I am insanely envious. There was talk about a Whole Foods coming to Des Moines, but that was before the economic crisis. I suspect they'll never come now. said...

I got a good chuckle out of your post - and the comments are cracking me up just as much! Farm mom's paparazzi remark is too funny - and I immediately thought "she's right!". And I too am envious of your TJs trip. I know e have a few of those close to DC, but I can't force myself to drive the 150 miles in that nightmare traffic for anything. Maybe I'll do a little online searching to see if there's one in this neck of the woods.....

Farmgirl_dk: said...

You brought your own bag? You definitely should have gotten a ticket. Now that you know the deal, I'm sure you (and Mim) won't let them forget next time. :-)

inadvertent farmer said...

Ohhh love both of those places. When I get to Portland I must hit TJ' is the place that I first tasted dried is the best dried fruit ever!!! Kim

frugalmom said...

Farmer Jen: I had a great road trip! And I have to say that I think I got cheated out of a ticket....dang it.

Danni: Danni and Trader Joe sittin in a tree....Blech, olives.

Mim: I love the scenic route. It makes me smile. You coulda splurged on the olives. I hear people do that ya know.

Gnightgirl: I would have had no idea how to pick out one wine much less 12. But chocolate and tea bags....I got you covered.

Goatgirl: You with the olives, too? Sigh.

shysmiley: I think thats just kinda greedy. All those stores close together like that.

farm mom: Hey. Not me. No way. But I do know some paparazzi. Honest. And Ill let you in on a little secret. You get used to it after while....I mean, you dont even notice that someones snapping pictures while you are eating your dinner or rolling up your pant legs...

Greywolf: Well, yeah. I mean. not right then. I had already tried it. She had not. About that trip...I dunno...are there tents involved?

Shelly: Yeah, whatever. TJ's within 20 minutes....thats just not right. Are you bringing the pick up? Or should I downsize my order?

CeeCee: She had to choke it down, but she was okay....she carries a water bottle wherever she goes. Oh, and you can come grocery shopping with me anytime youd like.

sugarcreekstuff: Karworm! Still laughing at that. (Psst...DANNIIIIII...have you heard? Sugarcreekstuff doesnt like olives.....)
And dont worry, I wont tell Danni that you dont like olives.

Claire: Thats exactly how I would describe an olive, too.....

Penny: Me? Not sweet little me. I would never take a picture if you asked me not to.....

IF: Dried Cantaloupe? That sounds yummy. more thing to add to my list....