Monday, March 2, 2009

Love at first sight

My Saturday seemed pretty normal. The day went along like normal. Ate some good food, dispersed some time outs, did some garden planning. Thats normal, right?

Well, clearly things changed at about 8 or so that night. I am still sticking with the story that somebody spiked my sweet tea. And it musta been with something pretty darn strong. Because somehow, what began as a little internet adventure in search of the dog behind this commercial, landed me at this site. How can that be, you say? Well, Im not really sure. All I know is that I was feeling a little dizzy and my head was spinning a bit.....but yet, I kept looking.

What happens next is still a little fuzzy to me. Sunday morning comes along and all I know is that I came home from the grocery store and the kids had their coats on, the snack basket was packed, the water bottles filled, and S had made me a turkey and swiss sandwich. (To Go).

A few hours later and after many, many heartstrings had been pulled, we were
headed back home, but now as a family of 6.

Friends, meet Darby. Shes about 8 weeks old and the cutest thing you ever did see.

We rescued Darby from a no kill shelter about an hour away from our house. Her mama had been found in a live trap. Somebody called the shelter and they went out to rescue her....and, well, the rest is history. She ended up having 7 pups in her litter. 5 boys and 2 girls. Darby was the last one left. She was also the second to the smallest.

See? She weighs in at a hefty 3 lbs.

It was a long day for little Darby. She is all tuckered out.

But come this morning? Id have to say she was all rested up.

There were a few growls at the couch.

Some definite escape paths routed out.

Her and J shared some secrets.

And she had some belly rubs.

Come here, Darby.

Yeah, thats it.

Good girl.

Okay, well, thats a little too close.

And, of course, she chewed on her bone.

She was so fast at times that I couldnt even get her in the picture.

And about the point where I was about ready to succumb to pure exhaustion....she managed to do it first.


Bil said...

Wow, what a cutie!! Congrats!!


Farmer Jen said...

So cute and cuddly! How could you resist? Welcome Darby. You have found a good home.

Diane said...

I don't know WHAT your tea was spiked with, but it sure did a job on your head.. I'm just sayin!! I'm sure glad you changed your mind..the kids and S adore her, and I bet the chickens will love her too.. she can be the chicken herder.. yea..and she'll probably help gather eggs.. she'll make a good farm dog.Good idea Marc.

GreyWolf said...

That's a great addition to the family, and no doubt she will be a big help around the farm when you get it. Congratulations!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww!! Welcome to the family Darby, you're adorable!!! :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Welcome to your new home, Darby Pixie Bella Stinky (Insert Last Name Here)! Love that shot of you on the scale. You have incredibly intelligent eyes and a very sweet face. But be a good girl now and eat all your food so you can put on some weight. I'd hate for that crazy wind around there to blow you away! :-) said...

OHMYGOSH!! Darby is simply adorable! I'm glad you got a rescue pup. And I know just how dangerous that can be.......

Give Darby a smooch for me. She is such a little cutie.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh she is adorable. Now I don't have to get another one I can just come see yours. Kelly

CeeCee said...

Well for goodness sakes! Your tea AND you DH's tea must have been spiked. Let me know what it was, so I can pour some in Lee's tea. :) I want a donkey or two.
Cutie, cutie pup!

Gnightgirl said...

A-doey-ble! How big will she get?

Egghead said...

Oh you are in trouble now. She is the cutest little thing and looks like a ball of fun.

sugarcreekstuff said...

The girl and i were checking our your new pup, cracking up at those poses. Congrats on the new family member.
What is up with the white dogs?

J.J. said...

So cute! Now G will have a new little sister to play with. He's not the baby anymore!

inadvertent farmer said...

Oh, oh, oh...she is just too cute! What great pics. Enjoy your new baby! Kim

frugalmom said...

Bil: Thanks!

Farmer Jen: I couldnt resist! But I had to get outta there or it coulda been trouble.

Ma: It was a good idea! Even tho she gets up at the crack of dawn.

Greywolf: Oh yeah, im sure she will be a huge help. She is a terrier after all. Dont they chase things?

farm mom: Thanks, lady. She is super sweet.

Danni: She is eating like a good girl. But the wind is still knocking her over.

Penny: Smooch given. Thanks for that.

Kelly: Were you gonna get another?

CeeCee: I actually think maybe it was S that spiked my tea....I cant be sure, but he seems like a likely culprit.

Gnightgirl: Not sure...maybe 10 lbs.

Egghead: Oh shes fun allright...just wish she was fun at say, maybe 8 am instead of 5.

Sugarcreekstuff: She pounces. Like a cat. Its very funny. Anf funny that. All of our dogs have been white. We clearly have a thing for white dogs and green vehicles.

j.j.: Ohhh, a little sister. Good idea.

IF: Thanks! Shes a handful, but so precious.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I think what sugarcreekstuff meant about the white that SHE has a white dog and I have a white dog and now YOU have a white dog. Maybe we should start a club. A white dog club. We could do t-shirts... I love clubs with t-shirts. And necklaces.

ha ha ha ha ha ha

frugalmom said...

Oh. ahahahahahha...This lack of sleep thing is really catching up to me. Yes. Lets do that. A group. (totally just got distracted. Can you even believe it?) Had to clean up hot dog juice. Then I saw that it got all in my deli drawer...which of course meant that I had to take the drawer out and clean that.... Love that.

Okay, so....who wears the t-shirt? Us? Or the dog?

Rural Writer said...

Such a cute little one. I'm sure she's enjoying her new home.