Friday, March 20, 2009


Several weeks ago, S and I set out to get our garden beds all planned out. We have decided that we will do some raised beds this year. So, we needed to work out a few more numbers than usual.

Having all that part done, then we just sat back and waited till it was time to get busy. (Planting seedlings, that is). And after I procrastinated as much as I possibly could...well, then Ang had to go and get her planting groove on....So, not to be left in her dust...I had to get going as well.

We gathered all of our supplies.

You may have seen these little tomato seed packets surfacing on other blogs. I have to pay my thanks to Danni who alerted me to the great program that Wintersown was providing and Im pretty sure that Danni was thanking Chiot's Run for telling her....Im not sure how much farther back then that it goes....but Im saying a huge thanks for everyone. Thank You, everyone.

We got all our little peat pellets in their trays.

The we added some warm water which causes them to soften and puff up so that you can put your little seeds in there.

And look. I even have my pants rolled up in celebration of garden season. (and you guys thought it was just because I was short, didnt you?)

About now was the time that G decided to have a full blown meltdown. It was time for his scrubbin and he made it very clear that he was not done helping plant seeds.

J trying to make him feel better.

K made all the little labels for us.

While J and S and I did all the planting.

Tomato seeds just make me happy.

As you can tell, Darby wasnt much help with the planting. But she did manage to stay out of trouble so we could get it all done.

Once we got it all done we put our custom made labels in to identify the different varieties.

We popped the lids on.

And then they got moved to the seedling station downstairs. Where they will be for several weeks. The lids will stay on till they begin to sprout. Once that happens then the lids come off and the lights get turned on above them. (Im getting smarter about all this stuff now since I have the best mentor ever. Thank you for ever and ever, Ang.)


Farmer Jen said...

Great seedling system, great team of garden helpers, and a really cute puppy photo!

Anonymous said...

You're so welcome, dear friend. <3 I cannot wait to see pics of your garden this year! Exciting!! :)

GreyWolf said...

BE WARNED: Trying to keep up with Ang can cause a nervous breakdown!!

That girl not only has the greenest thumb I know of, but it runs clear up to her shoulders too!

I think there is some Elven Blood in her Irish genes. (I also hear she whispers to her plants) said...

Can't wait to see the garden pictures. Must be that time of year - we finally got the greenhouse finished and I'm putting my seeds in today. Yay! I just love this time of year. And that Darby could not be cuter. She looks like a little stuffed animal! I want to pick her up and squeeze on her!

Anonymous said...

HA!'s the sweetest thing!! LOL Don't worry Marc, you can sooo keep up! :)

Egghead said...

This is so fun. I am ready to see the little sprouts pop through that soil.