Sunday, November 8, 2009


This past weekend we had a party. I know, I know. Another party, you say? Didnt you know that Im a party animal?

My middle guy is now 11. Sigh. But he still totally knows how to have fun.

We had presents and football.

We got fancy birthday cards.

That required that my 11 year old son use fire to reveal a secret message. Good thing there was an adult present.

And just so you know, I do NOT condone this type of behavior just on a regular day. Only on a party day. I do have rules here, you know.

We had a little tutorial presented by none other than the little guy himself. This one happened to be on how to use a netbook computer. Im pretty sure that Elmo made an appearance.

Of course there was cake.

And a big smile to go along with it.

And then a wish was made. Dont ask me. Im not telling.

There were little snapshots of happy.

And *this* is just how good the food tastes at my house. It requires a full service bib.

And everyone leaves looking like this. Happy!!!


Farmer Jen said...

Great looking party! That cake looked scrumptious, but ummm...why the number 5 candle on the cake when the birthday boy is 11?

I'm just sayin...
and very mathematically confused...

Farmgirl_dk: said...

See? With age comes wisdom. And I'm happy to see that J. recognizes the danger factor in sitting backwards on a tonka truck and is wearing the appropriate protective headgear. phew!
Sadly, I see you in that picture with the guy holding the paper over the gas flame and I do *not* see a fire extinguisher in your hands. Perhaps you should discuss safety with J. snort.
Oh my, look at how LONG his hair is! Methinks it won't be that way much longer. :-)
I've got the same question as Jen...the number 5 candle and 3 smaller candles...this equals 8 in my book. Or five decades and 3 years, which is 53 - this totally doesn't work.
And that smile in the last picture? This is what I looked like after eating at your house for a week. Yum! :-)

frugalmom said...

Okay, I know I have talked about this silly tradition in some of my previous bday posts, but here ya go....I have always teased the kids that they dont get to move past the age of 8.(in my mind, of course) Up till 8, you know, they are still little kids and play little kids things and listen and dont talk back...snort. So the rule is, they will always be 8 to me. Hence the 8 candles on the cake. And let me tell you, as they get older in years,....they are not nearly as appreciative of the 8 candle tradition!! Its okay, it still makes them smile..even if they kinda roll their eyes,too. said...

I am really glad you explained the candles on that cake. I must have spent 5 minutes scrutinizing those pictures looking for the missing 3 candles. I kept thinking "they must be hidden behind that big, fat 5" but then I looked at the other angle and got totally confused. Whew. Glad you cleared THAT up.

That looks like a fun party - I don't get how the fire showed a secret message though? Did it just magically appear once the paper was roasted?

I LOVE J's hair!!! Why do boys always get the pretty hair????

J.J. said...

Happy Birthday, Jaeden!!! Sorry we missed your party, again! Ugh.