Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lots of firsts

As you may know, I have been visiting my friend, danni. Look what she had waiting for me when I arrived.

And always when I visit my friend, danni, I get to do fun and exciting things. And sometimes those things are for the first time. You know. Firsts.

Like eating sushi.

And drinking out of pretty, green stemmed glasses.

And visiting an extinct volcano.

And seeing a llama (Kai) do this. She must have had a pretty impressive itch.

And watching Chester, the very sweet donkey, carry a really big leaf in his mouth.

And to be able to sit in the stall with the llamas and watch them do this.

See? I was sitting. On a stool.

And heres my boot that I was wearing when I was sitting on that stool watching that llama(Kai) kush like that.

And to laugh at Toni when she was clearly using bad manners and trying to eat too much hay at once.

And to take the llama ladies to pasture.

This is normally what the llama ladies did when Chester came around.

So, every once in awhile, he would do this....just to make sure that they knew he could play that game, too.

But really? They kinda remind me of the synchronized swimmers in the Olympics.

Dont you think so?

But, sadly, before I knew it, my trip came to an end. So, I loaded up and headed to the airport.

Only to have another first, first. My plane was unable to take off. It had some type of mechanical issue. Long story, was going to have the end result of me basically being stuck in a big city, all by myself, somehow managed to convince the very nice airline personnel that I needed off the NOW.

And then I proceeded to buy a train ticket.

And find a seat.

To make my way to danni's house once again.

Ill be home soon.


GreyWolf said...

That is a bunch of firsts. I know you had a great time, but sorry that leaving was so difficlt.
BTW how did you like sushi?

Farmgirl_dk: said...

So all that stuff was really cool but I'm most proud of you for convincing that airline lady to let you off the plane when she wouldn't let *anybody* off and then buying that damn ticket so you could FINALLY ride some Portland public transportation!!! You ROCK, Marc!

So....are you really gone this time or are you actually waiting for me to pick you up at the Sunset Station again?
:-) said...

I just love your new header picture!!! That is just perfect. What a wonderful visit with Danni. And you ate sushi! What did ya think of that? I love that you got yourself off a plane, onto a train, and right back at Critter Farm. Oh, and just look at those beautiful green stemmed wine glasses.... *sigh* Wait - I thought you didn't like wine????

Lilla said...

Sounds like you and Danni had a wonderful time! Isn't it great to have friends who "get" you?

I love the new blog header pic. One day you will be able to add pics of your very own llamas to your blog and not have to live vicariously through others. I believe that, I really do!