Saturday, November 21, 2009

Changing colors

The little Darby.

Every once in a while she gets new things. Like, new bowls.

And new toys.

She loves playing with this toy. It came from her friend Roxy, after all.

She loves it just a little too much, one might say.

But she doesnt seem to mind at all.

In fact, its one of her favorite toys.

She likes to play in the water....and the mud.

And with her ball.

She takes "bath duty" for the little guy very seriously.

This is when you know shes really in a good mood.

And funny enough, she has always had this foot fetish. She loves to hang on to your feet when she plays with her toys....even when it is a big, slimy rawhide bone.

But heres the thing. When Darby begins to get sleepy...she goes into what we call, "The Pink Phase".

Her little ears, the rims of her eyes, and her little doggy lips, well, they go from a very pale pink, almost a very bright pink.

Its the funniest thing.

She cant even keep her eyes open.

And the next thing you know....shes fast asleep.


Lilla said...

That Darby is just the cutest ball of fluff! And my goodness how big she's gotten!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Until Darby, I had never seen a dog change colors before. So funny. Too bad she can't use her super power to blend into her surroundings, you know? Pink, well, that color just makes one even more visible...but maybe that's meant to distract from other things going on... "Oh look, a pink dog"...who's going to notice anything else? Good distraction from, say, muddy footprints. :-)

Farmer Jen said...

I love that really drowsy looking photo of her. She's so funny. said...

Just look at that cute Darby. I love that she loves her toy - just look at how much she loves it! And I totally LOVE her pink phase. A lot. I could just kiss that pink right off of her ears. And her little squinty eyes? Don't EVEN get me started on that. *sigh* That little Darby just melts my heart.

Zitrone said...

The one where she's on her back, feet up and twisted - that's simply hilarious! I don't think I've ever seen a little creature do that or look like that. How in the world did she ever find her way into YOUR house?!

CeeCee said...

How did I miss a Darby post!?
She's the cutest, fluffball in the world.
Is she getting taller, or is it just a camera angle?

frugalmom said...

Lilla: She has grown so much. I think shes done growing now tho. And She seems to shed much more than I ever thought she would.

danni: Right? I dont think I have ever seen a dog that changes color before either. And its so cute when it look at her and see her all pink like that and tell her to go to bed.

farmer jen: Shes a pretty funny dog. She makes me laugh quite a bit.

Penny: Hey. Do you like Darby? Cuz, Im just not sure if you do or not. :-)

Zitrone: Well, she is one of a kind, thats for sure. But er love her. And she seems to fit right in here....Ha!

CeeCee: Im not sure how you missed can see those pink ears from a mile away. :-) She has gotten taller...shes all leg, that darby. And she runs really, really fast.

Spring Lake Farm said...

That is the cutest dog...ever!!!!