Friday, November 27, 2009

Randomness at my place

Back in the early part of November, the 2nd to be exact, I planted my garlic.

I planted them in containers this year as part of an experiment, but also so they would be easier for me to transport....just in case I needed to do that.

I was very surprised to look out there the other day and see that some of them were sprouting. Specifically the Chinese Pink variety. This variety is a soft neck garlic that is known for its early maturity. It is ready to be harvested 4-6 weeks ahead of most other varieties. I like this idea.

On a Monday, I did all my Thanksgiving grocery shopping. Just to find out the day after that, that they were having a HUGE sale on flour at a different store.

So, of course, I had to go out and get some. Note: I did not get the flour at Trader Joes. I am not lucky enough to have this fantastic store near me. The closest one is about 2.5 hours away. But I still love it and so I use the bags because, well, its a good thing to do. But also because they
make my heart happy.

I got this many bags. Im wondering tho, if I should have gotten more.

I had to buy a new set of measuring cups. Why, you ask? (and even if you didnt ask)...2 of my glass measuring cups became useless to measure things with when I discovered that all the red writing had faded off. And then the 1 plastic one that I had in case of emergencies, well, it decided to spring a leak in the midst of some holiday baking. So, there it is.

Its a little known fact in this house that I dont like socks that have holes in them. If I see one of the kids wearing one like this I will rip it up....right off their foot. Thats what happened here. You see his one sockless foot? (Look at the height on that jump, too. *giggle*) Kids are so darn creative. Anything can be made into a game.

Im thinking I should just give him socks for Christmas.

And not to be left out, dad had to show them how its really done.

Noodles, freshly cut, waiting to be cooked for the Thanksgiving meal.

Wonderful artwork that was on display during our Thanksgiving evening.

The whole gang....I love it when we can all get together!!!


Anonymous said...

you do know that you got the sock phobia from your mom,right? She used to try to rip up mine when they had a hole in them, but I always loved my socks and just sewed them if they got a hole. You are your mothers daughter!

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry Marc, that comment about you being your mothers daugher was from me. Love you,Kelly

CeeCee said...

Dang girl, looks like you were busy!
The holey sock thing--me too!! My kids will say, "it's just a little hole, please don't throw it away." Nope, off with that sock, right away.
Great family photo. What did y'all eat besides yummy homemade noodles?

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow. Where'd you get all that lovely garlic to plant, anyway?

You know, I've heard it told that you will even rip off the socks of visiting children if they dare to don a pair with any holes in them. And it doesn't stop there. I personally almost lost a pair of pants to your diligence. ;-)

Again with the no-smile, S. wth?

Farmer Jen said...

Lovely randomness. Please stay away from my sock drawer... said...

Happy pictures! I'm starting to understand G's affinity for socks a little..... between this post and Kelly's comment, it's all starting to come together.