Friday, December 11, 2009

Totally not sneaky might say, as you look at Darby lying sweetly next to the stocking adorned fireplace.

Hang on tho....look again. Right here? I do think she is talking back to me. All because I told her to stay out of that firewood.

Maybe, she says to herself, if I just look longingly at the firewood....

And by not looking at me as I tell her to stay out of that firewood. Well, Im sure she thinks she can then tell me that she didnt hear me.

And here? When she brings over HER bone to set next to the firewood...I think she feels it will distract me. Make me think that shes actually "over" that pile of firewood.

Dang it.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Well, I'm certain she just thought that now that you all have stocked up on firewood, that you'd be more than willing to share a piece or two. Seriously. What isn't reasonable about that?
What's a bit of sharing among friends?

Spring Lake Farm said...

It won't make "that" big of a mess....really!

While completely adorable, exactly what kind of dog is Darcy?

Spring Lake Farm said...

Sorry, I meant "Darby".

goatgirl said...

Clearly you need to send that delinquent dog to me.
I love you Darby!

CeeCee said...

Poor Darby, she can't get one over on you, can she?
I love when dogs act like they aren't listening to you. :)

Carola said...

Greetings from Italy

frugalmom said...

danni: Yes. I love to share. She has a pile outside that she has free rein of...

Spring lake farm: Oh ho...she doesnt ever make messes...snort. Shes a rescue dog, so Im not sure that we will ever be 100% certain on her mix, but they told us rat terrier, chinese crested, and italian greyhound. And honestly, between her looks and behaviors Id say that was very accurate. :-)

goatgirl: Delinquent. She can be that at times! Shes doing great on all her training EXCEPT the jumping up on people....and she can jump high, I tell ya.

CeeCee: She acts like she doesnt listen to me all the time....and sometimes she even doesnt listen to me. Can you believe that? snort.

Hi Carola.