Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little things

So the other day, my ma's friend, who also happens to be her neighbor, brought the kids a little holiday surprise. Who doesnt like a little holiday surprise, right?

There was the initial assessment.

Then there was some serious deliberation over what should happen with the little surprise.

And now it appears they are trying to decide which one will go to who....because that is very important.

Decisions are made and then the very cute, chocolate filled advent calendars are given to their new owners.

There are only 22 days left till the big day, you know?


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Awwww...I totally had this depressing conversation with myself yesterday..."I should have sent them Advent's calendars..."
"Well, it's too late now." "They probably already have some"..."yeah".

I grew up with them, and my kids grew up with them. They are quite the German tradition...and, as I recall your mom's neighbor is German, right?

I love the puzzled looks on G., K, and J's faces. Are they enjoying them now that they know what's inside? much fun. My mom had one for her dog. (giggle) Schnauzi loved it and would sit underneath it every morning waiting for her treat of the day. :-)

frugalmom said...

Awwww..well, why didnt you have that conversation with me? And I could have set you free from your worry of them not having them. Of course, they arent from Miss(aunt) there is that. ;-)
Her neighbor is from Austria, I believe.
They are enjoying them. Altho, I think they are doing them backwards....see? we totally needed you. You could have given us instruction on the proper Advent calendar etiquette. All we really know is that G makes sure to remind us every night about the box that has secret chocolates hiding in it.

frugalmom said...

Oh, and so is Wolfi getting a calendar of his own, too?

Diane said...

We'll have to make this a tradition from now on since they liked them so well.. everyone loves a little surprise no matter how old they are right?

CeeCee said...

We have one 'countdown til Christmas' thingy. It has pockets that I'm supposed to fill with candy. Thing is, I haven't gotten it out yet. My oldest says, "mom, you own us 4 days worth of candy." (((sigh)))

Anonymous said...

my kids love them. They have had them every year since they were born. It is a good and fun family tradition.Love ya, Kelly

Farmer Jen said...

Oh, I saw some chocolate filled advent calendars at Trader Joes the other day. (Just had to say that TJs part)I didn't buy any because I already have the chocolate-less advent calendars and really don't need to eat more chocolate this time of year. Thanks for the reminder to dig out my decorations. I am late this year!