Monday, December 14, 2009


Every Christmas, since the kids were born, we take them out to purchase a new ornament for the tree. It gives me a good feeling to know that when they leave "the nest" that they will have a little kick start to being on their own. But more than that...they can look at those ornaments and have so many memories to go along with them.

K, being the eldest, finds it essential that she push the cart. Okay, not really. Actually what happened was she saw someone leave this cart in the middle of the parking lot. She was more than a little put off by this action and took it upon herself to take it back inside where it belonged.

G, by my side.

Inquiring if he could really choose ANY one that he wanted.

The pack stayed together for the first few minutes.....then they began to divide and conquer.

J snagged this one right away.

As Im giggling to myself about how silly and fun that will be on the tree at home, he carries it around for a bit, and surprisingly puts it back....In favor of this one. I know, right? I wasnt really given an explanation....

G loves a good car. The whole time he carried this pretty, little, blue car around he talked of his friend who likes cars, too. And that when he sees this friend hes gonna talk to him about fast cars AND raspberry jam.

K went after white and sparkly....but she says she chose it mostly because it reminded her of Darby. Darby likes to prance around at times, you know, like Prancer....especially when she has one of her favorite toys in her mouth....

Back home we go, where names and dates are applied to the special ornaments.

Then onto the tree they go. Along with a new set of happy memories.


Anonymous said...

I really like your tradition. Kelly

Farmgirl_dk: said...

That's a WONDERFUL tradition! I love that you put dates on each one. How fun.

Now, in your first picture, there's a huge ball ornament in the right-hand corner, and I was thinking to myself, "well, I'd choose THAT one". I laughed out loud when I saw J. with that big ball!

Oh for PETE'S sake. Really?! I'm SO much more fun than that guy G. knows who likes cars and raspberry jam. Sheesh. Just sayin'.

Darby needs a little antler hat. Then she'd really match K's pretty ornament!

CeeCee said...

Brave mommy!
Cool tradition. :)

inadvertent farmer said...

What a cool thing to do! Great job mom...Kim

linda m said...

What a wonderful tradition. They will enjoy these when they are older and on their own. said...

I love that tradition! And those pictures. I think they picked the perfect ornaments.

Farmer Jen said...

Great post, and a great tradition. I like that a lot. Merry Christmas to you all.