Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The witching hour

Otherwise known as dinner time around here.

I dont know about your house, but around here when it gets close to dinner time it seems that my attention is requested at all times by everyone. Making for a rather hectic environment.

So, to make things better for everyone involved, especially if they want dinner in a timely fashion...we find things to do. We, meaning, G.

And we *always* do them with a smile.

And sometimes, we even become one with the activity. See? Hes a really spooky dinosaur.

Now mind you, dinner on a good night, runs about 30 minutes to an hour to be prepared. I cant even begin to tell you just how many activities get done in that amount of time.

On this specific evening it was brought to my attention that his hunger level was beyond him. He was famished he tells me. And being so hungry makes me tired, mama, he says.

Is that why youre making a bed in the laundry room, son?

Yes, mama. It is.

But also its so that when I get my rest I can be close to the table so that when you say dinner is ready I dont have that far to go.


Melody said...

Too cute! We have the same problem at our house.

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable and smart. So, what's for dinner? Kelly

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Such a smarty, that G. You can't get any closer to the kitchen than the laundry room. Does G. know that's the same box you made *me* sleep in when I was there?

Lilla said...

That G is one smart kiddo!

Farmer Jen said...

Hectic and cute! said...

Now that is just too darn cute! I love the little bed box. It fits him perfectly! I actually think that would be great way to watch TV!

Diane said...

That crazy G.. he's not gonna fit in that tub much longer..I wouldn't have been surprised to see Darby in there with him..

CeeCee said...

How funny. I'd completely forgotten about the witching hour---that's exactly what I called it. My kids are all big enough to stay out of trouble when I'm fixing dinner, now.
I'm glad the little guy is able to find things to entertain him while you're fixing dinner. :)

My verification word is 'expert'---how did it know?