Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is it?

It used to be my driveway. Now it is a huge, massive mountain of compost that will be used later to spread all over the property before the seed is spread.

What about this? A mole? A great, big groundhog?

Nah...we dug those trenches on purpose. We have begun the irrigation system. We now have several trenches all over the yard that look just like this. They will contain the piping for the water to run thru which will end up sprinkling my lawn so that I may one day have luscious, green grass. Because when you live in a subdivision you have to have that kind of grass. The kind that you can walk on with tender little toes.
Why? No idea. It just appears to be the rules. While I try to abide by rules most of the time(okay, sometimes) we do what we can with the grass. And usually, it does not end up looking remotely close to any of the other yards. I end up having more flowers then grass. And more vegetables then grass. With a few trees thrown in for good measure.

And this? This is where we hose down the little one after he has been ever so helpful by moving the dirt in his dump truck!


Leeanthro said...

We *never* water our lawn.

But I guess if you have newly planted grass, you will have to water. But I would think once it's established you wouldn't need to water.

I only water newly planted perennials (and then never in subsequent years because I try to plant things that don't need attention) and veggies.

The whole yard irrigation thing is strange to me.

Now, if someone put in drip irrigation in my vegetable garden, I would be overjoyed!

frugalmom said...

leeanthro: Since we are seeding we will need to water ALOT but of little amounts at a time. I knew I was not going to be able to go out and move sprinklers around all day, so this will hopefully prove to be a good solution. We will have some drip irrigation laid out for the fruit trees. My flowers usually yell at me when I walk by because they dont get any water. I generally take the when it rains you get water approach.The lawn however will take a couple years to get established.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

With your 90 degree heat, I'm betting you wanted to get in that little pool right with Grayson! Tell the truth, now... :-)

frugalmom said...

Danni: I never said that I didn't get in the pool! Dang! You're on to me!

Twinville said...

Man! That is one huge undertaking. I'm very impressed!
I love the grass, too, but we only have a small 20'x20' plot of it, just for those tiny, soft toes to twiggle on. hehe

Out here in the mountains of the southwest, water is treated like treasured gold, so we don't water much of anything that is not essential.

Oh! And I forgot. That compost is so rich and dark looking. Your grass is going to be so happy with that to live on! hehe

And Grayson is going to love playing on it and then running into his little pool. aaahhhh!

frugalmom said...

twinville: We like to conserve water, too. The irrigation system was a huge decision. We are hoping that it will save water since we can time it as opposed to just letting a sprinkler run out there and and having to move it around an everything. The first couple years will be the most intense keeping the seed moist....