Saturday, June 14, 2008

llama body language

Earlier today I posted about my terrific visit with the llamas. I am still on cloud nine.

The smaller one was a bit more apprehensive. I posted this pic and mentioned that even tho I didnt know much about llama body language, I was pretty sure this look was not a good one. It looked like a stay away from me kinda look to me. Like if you come closer, I may be forced to do something not nice.

I found this while I was doing a little llama research. If you scroll down a little bit you will see a similar ear position on a different llama. It pretty much gets summed up to mean...Stay Away.

It is a warning. Like a pre spit warning. According to the site, it says that llamas dont really like to spit because it leaves such a bad taste in their mouth. So, they try to give warnings so they dont have to. They are cute and they have good communication skills. Who knew?


Razor Family Farms said...

What a great expression! One look says it all!


frugalmom said...

razor family farms: One look does say it all, huh? She was pretty clear with this one.

Twinville said...

hehe. Good for you! Yep, A llamas ears are the window to it's soul.

Spitting is a last ditch final effort at getting their message across. They dislike the taste about as much as another llama (or human) will. Ewww...

(ps...Which is the reason why I bought a spit mask for my two llamas. Sometimes you have no choice but to make your llamas unhappy, such as with vat visits, feet trims, shearing, etc)

frugalmom said...

twinville: I have heard of the spitting and would not like to experience it, but I am sure if I get to have llamas then I will see it first hand at some point. While we were there the larger llama kept leaning her head back and opening her mouth really wide....I initially wondered if I should take cover, but after the first couple times of seeing her do it...I really think she was yawning. I have a pic of it.