Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Everyday things

I usually dont let myself go this long without posting. Even if it just a reflection of a day or a gardening entry.

I have been so busy with trying to get the yard changed from a mud pit to a lush, green lawn...and then scrubbing down the little guy who seems to bring all the yard in with him!

I have been tending to the veggie garden and watching my tomatoes and cukes really take off.

I have had to take shelter in the basement a few times as tornadoes and hail and torrential downpours have managed to make it past my high tech anti tornado system. Otherwise known as me asking it to stay away and it not listening.

I have been traveling a bit and taking care of recuperating kids.

Of course, I have been out to see my wonderful llama friends. Who, I have to say steal my heart more and more each time I go out there. I had the chance to go out there and see them getting sheared, but I was not able to make it. Maybe another time. Cuz you know, when I am lucky enuf to get my own, its nice to have a little idea of how things are supposed to go. Im not saying they will go that way, but nice to know, right!

I have been shopping and shipping for my summer swap. I always have a fun time doing that. That one is over, but a new one is taking place. Try it out and see how much fun it is.

Oh, and lots of sesame street. I have been watching lots of that.

I have been reading all your blogs, just not posting on my own! Keep writing. I love to read them.


Anonymous said...

Oh, we've been in the basement more than a few times this spring too. Crazy! Glad you're all well and keeping busy.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I think one of the neatest and most optimistic things is that your entire family is on-board with the llamas-in-your-future. I can totally envision this happening for you some day soon. I'm very, very (very) glad that the kids are on to the recuperating stages and everything is heading back toward an even keel. I'll keep my fingers crossed, throw salt over my shoulder and knock on wood that you don't have any more tornado threats. (Hey, you've got your anti-tornado methods and I've got mine, right?!) :-)

frugalmom said...

farm mom: Glad to see that you are up and running again. I know how hard it is to be sick with little ones. Doesnt it feel so grand to be all better?

Danni: Yeah, they are really into it. I have to say I am really thankful for that. Thanks for all the well wishes for the kids. I will have to have Grayson call you soon to tell you thanks himself. I am also very, very, very, VERY(see how I had to get one more than you)glad that they are on the upswing. I am ready for some relaxation now. And hey, your anti tornado methods sound pretty good. I mean, even for a newbie.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh yeah? Well....
I'm very, very, very, very, VERY (basically very to infinity) excited about the prospect of a Grayson phone call. :-)

Twinville said...

Oh yes! I haven't been by your blog for over a week and was afriad I'd missed something. I'm selfishly glad I didn't.

Good to hear you're ok, though, just busy.
I'm finding less time to blog now, too with the beautiful summer days and time with my family, friends and critters to enjoy.

Have a wonderful summer!

ps, Cataleya and Catlinite told me to tell you that you will fall in love with your llamas when they arrive.

frugalmom said...

twinville: I am sure your llamas are lovely. I have yet to meet one that wasnt. Nope, you didnt miss anything. Just trying to make some time somewhere to fit some posts in! Summer is always busy and the weather usually finds us mostly outside!

Twinville said...

OOooooooo!! You changed your top page image!! And it's beautiful llamas dancing through a meadow.

I LOVE love it!

Now, I think I will just have to come back more often if only just to gaze upon that beautiful photo.

frugalmom said...

twinville: Thank You for the great compliments on the changes on my page! You are the first to notice, or should I say comment. Those are my llama friends that I met a few weeks ago. I just had to put them on my page so I could see them everyday.

Twinville said...

You're so welcome. I love your blog and even more now that I get to see two of my most favorite animals in the entire world right up there at the top of your blog! hehe

Yes, girl, you've got it 'good' for the llamas.
I am going to be so THRILLED for you when you have some to call your own :D