Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Harvest

Things have really begun to take off around here. We are overflowing with cucumbers and tomatoes. Here is what I harvested from my garden today.

I am loving all the tomatoes...however, I am not loving the fact that I am gonna have to pull out that strainer again. I think she and I may have a little heart to heart before we begin this time.

These I harvested from somewhere else. So, not my trees, but we still got to pick them! They will be made into applesauce and maybe apple butter. And the donuts you see are to die for. Notice how there were already a few missing? Snackin in the van...totally had to bust out the package before we got home. Yum!

Finally, last, but not least. 10 # of blueberries. And I didnt even have to wrangle any snakes to get them! My ma brought them home for me on her way back from a trip to Michigan.

Can you tell that I took 3 1/2 cups outta there? Yeah, me neither.

But heres what I made. Delicious blueberry bars.


Anonymous said...

Hey Marcee, those blueberries look delicious and Aunt Dee brought me back 20 pounds. I can't wait to get my hands on them. Now that is yummy. Love ya, Kelly

frugalmom said...

Kelly: What? Wait. How'd you get 20 lbs??? I see how I rate...

Anonymous said...

Marcee, I went through 10 pounds in half a year last year so I wanted more this year. This is the first time I couldn't pick them myself. So Aunt Dee said she would pick some up for me. Hopefully they will taste just as good. Kelly

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I cannot believe your tomato harvest. Why are mine all still GREEN??? When you're having that heart-to-heart with your strainer, could you maybe have a little chat with my 'maters, too?
Hey, thanks for making me a snake wrangler. I'm so cool.
Those blueberry bars look amazing, but the recipe looks scary complicated. How long did they take you to make?

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh, one more thing...donut holes are better than donuts.

frugalmom said...

Danni: Yours will red up pretty soon. I think theyre just waiting for the perfect time.....when is that, I wonder?

The bars are really, very easy. The recipe makes it look harder than it is because it is written in an odd fashion. They take no time at all. I think it took me maybe 10 min to put together and then they bake for 20. Try them! I promise, they wont take very long. And they are so very good. You could even use raspberries for your someone special.

Having worked in a bakery, I have to agree with you on the donut hole thing. Maybe thats why K likes them so well...if I think back for a minute to how many of those damn donut holes I popped into my mouth while I was expecting her! BUT, they dont sell those at the orchard....isnt that weird?

Mim said...

Are you sticking the tomatoes in whole, maybe if you cut them in half it won't squirt so much. Or you could just set up some kind of umbrella above the mixer. Darn I wish I would have remembered about the blueberries. I would have asked for some too.