Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mama rule #3

Actually, no. You may not eat your dessert in the living room. You can sit at the counter.

The request comes in. May I have dessert? Sure, I say. May I eat it in the living room? No. What about on the living room floor? Of course not. You may have it at the counter, I say. They say, what about if I eat it on the wood floor? I say, you want to want to eat your dessert on the wood floor? Yes, they say. I say, well, that seems like a good compromise. And I laugh a little to myself.

Enjoying a snack. See how he has to have his feet on the carpet? His way of saying...I am, in fact, partially in the living room.

Look how close the chair and counter are to the wood floor, which is also equal distance to the living room.....I would have chosen to sit in a chair. The kids however, seem to be partial to the floor. Im not sure what the draw is...but hey, it works, right?


Farmgirl_dk: said...

I think the attraction with the floor is for one reason: when was the last time you ate dinner as a family on the floor? Never, right? It's unusual, it's a bit dangerous...and it's not the NORM! :-)

Love the feet on the carpet. He totally thinks he's getting away with something here. *SO* dang CUTE!!! :-)

Farmgirl_dk: said...
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Mim said...

Just another way to do something out of the box! He's too cute, "I'm not in the living room Mama".

Beneath the Mask said...

I think this is a trait we need to nurture in him. He'll either turn out to be a first-class world peace negotiator...or a very successful used car salesman. Both have good earning potential.

frugalmom said...

Danni: Dinner on the floor? Well, just the other night, of course. Duh. Really tho, as per the norm, you are right. All the kids think its cool to eat on the floor. Its the little things, Im tellin ya!

mim: Yeah, hes cute alright.

beneath the mask: Which one of those has the potential for him not to be living at home when hes 30? Ill take that one.

sugarcreekstuff said...

We can see the TV from the dinner table, yet the kids always TRY to eat in the living room. ??
Your boy and those feet, too cute!

Twinville said...

Good for him!

I'd prefer to eat on the floor, too. But when I want to get back up, I can't.

So, it's the chair at the counter for me :(