Saturday, August 30, 2008

My secret

Hint #7

I like music. I just dont seem to find the time to enjoy it that often. This is why, in the rare event that I find myself having copious amounts of time to fill....I use this. Of course, you arent really supposed to have those headphones on when you are driving....

It holds like 150 songs or something.....that amounts to way more than, say, 4 hours.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

I want to know what kind of music is on that baby.
I'm noticing you like the color blue because your new camera and iPod-thingy are both blue...hey, and your hat, too, or was that black?
So, what you're saying is you're thinking you're gonna have some time on your hands. Is that what you're saying?

naisy said...

OK, Marc, give up the secret already!

Oh, and G is so very smart... hope your foot is better!


sugarcreekstuff said...

What are you doing to us? I only hinted that your hints were crap then Danni called me out. It's true, I believe your hints are crap. Let's see if I have them straight.
#1 You broke into Danni's moms house (aka zitrone) and stole one of her childhood creations from christmas past.
#2 You show a hat declaring your love of all things sausage, then you throw in BBQ chips just to get us off the scent.
#3 Carmex, when we all know bacon grease and a bit of candle wax can do the trick.
#4 A non legible note.
#5 A raincoat (a pretty one I might add)
#6 Camera, ummm you are a blogger so that isn't really a clue.
#7 Music for a long drive, you obviously are driving on a motorcycle in the rain somewhere because with hours of music means you won't be chatting with anyone.

See, your hints are not hinty! I have no clue at all.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

i. am. dying. Michelle (sugarcreekstuff), you definitely win the F.P. (Funny Prize) today. I've got tears rolling down my cheeks. My mom will be so pleased to be referred to in your comment!

...Love of all things're KILLING me...
I can't even repeat #3 cuz I'm having a hard time breathing through my laughter....

Country Girl said...

Ok you are going on a 4 hour flight to somewhere's, you are going to take lots of pictures. You will bring chapstick because..I don't know but I can't live a day without it.
OK OK ........what the h@#! are you going? :)

frugalmom said...

Michelle: You are SO crackin me up right now. I cant stand it. Stop it, I say.

Danni: I do like blue, however the things you mentioned were blue totally coincidentally....and the ipod..well that was given to me by my daughter. She came to me and said, here mom. I have the bigger one now, so I dont think Ill be needing this one anymore. You can use it if you want to....! Wow. I am getting cast offs now....

naisy: You will have to wait on the secret just like everyone you can see, I am doing a fine job of frustrating everyone with my CRAPPY hints!

country girl: Hmmm....where the hell AM I going?.....and I cant live a day without my chapstick either!