Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hidden Treasures

I was digging around for some gloves this morning and found these stashed in a pocket. You can just tell by looking at this pocketful of treasures that fun was had.

Later in the day, as I set about to make dinner, I reached into the cabinet to get my stock pot so I could boil my homemade ravioli. Clearly, G knew what he was doing when he put his new BFF, Abby Cadabby in there.

Same cabinet, different kitchen tool. Wouldnt you know? The one place that I didnt look for that missing receipt and small wooden strawberry was in my salad spinner. G strikes again!

The day began winding down. I had received word from my friends at the library that I had a few books waiting for me. I made a run up there and was very excited to find these. Just a little light reading.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hey! I can name those items: Geocache treasure, fruit snack wrappers, and a Baskin and Robbins mini spoon. (I win, I win!)
Poor Abby Cadabby - look at her screaming to get out of that pot.

Hey, good books you got there. Now, if you happen to be going on a trip, you can leave those two chicken ones behind. They're certain to already be on the shelf of the place you're staying at. I'm just sayin...

Farmer Jen said...

I too, have those same chicken books on my shelf. Good reads. I thought Abby Cadabby was laughing and having fun in the stock pot. Sort of like a miniature hot tub!

Mim said...

That does look like a pocketful of fun.

So, do you think he put her in there to do some magic or was he punishing her?

Ha! Now you know to check all the cabinets. LOL

Light reading huh, Hey what's the chicken book behind Storey's guide, it doesn't look familiar to me. Surely there isn't a chicken book out there I haven't read. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I get that ALL THE TIME. Aden loves to stash things in the most unexpected places, and steal my receipts...what is up with that anyway?!?

A trip? Sheesh, is it that time again already? I cannot keep u with you, trailblazer!! ;)

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

Hey, I have that chicken book! The Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens one. In fact, I have several chicken books. They give good info, but quite honestly, if you intend for them to be pets you actually care about, no book will prepare you for what is surely in store for you. For example, no book mentioned that I would be soaking a hens butt in warm water, sticking my fingers up her vent, and pulling out stuck broken, soft egg shells. THREE times! But people who raise chickens only for meat or eggs, don't really spend a lot of times getting "in tune" with their chickens. They just lose one every now and again and don't think much of it. When having chickens as pets, I think a person spends more time with them and notices when they are a little off. Like when they have eggs stuck up their butts, for example....

Read and learn all you can. Keep the books for references. And then, when you get chickens, you can write another book about all the surprise curve balls those little boogers throw at you! I wouldn't trade it for the world. Although if I never stick my finger up another chicken's butt, it will be too soon!

Take care!

Egghead said...

Hey I have those chicken books too. Um it looks like the movie "Chucky" with Abby Cadabby in that pot. Poor Abby Cadabby.

frugalmom said...

farmgirl dk: I know, right? Poor Abby. Im not sure what he was thinking. But he sure was happy to see her in there. He said, Abby! Where have you been for so long?"

Farmer jen: Ha! A miniature hot tub...

Mim: Im thinking it was all about the magic. Its called Chickens in your Backyard. By Rick Luttmann

farm mom: Yeah, they can be quite sneaky! G seems to like the receipts....he really likes to put them in shopping bags along with other items to make it appear as tho he has just been out running errands.

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com: Hi Penny! Your comment was cracking me up. Thanks for letting me know what I may have to look forward to. Always good to keep it real, I say. I am reading away and storing it all in this here head of mine. I cant say that Ill be able to find it in there when I need it, but its worth a shot, right?

Egghead: Wasnt that a scary movie? I dont like those kind. They scare me.

Mim said...

Oh yeah, I've read that one. Of course I have, I don't think there was a chicken book out there I didn't find and consume when I was planning and dreaming my chickens.

CeeCee said...

Please tell me you ate a real bit of ice cream and didn't just stick with the tasting spoon?!

I am forever finding things where the don't belong. I think my whole family is absent minded that way. No one is fun enough to just stash things for fun.