Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Packages on snowy days

We awoke this morning to this.

Which is why I was really surprised when later, I came home to this.

Do you have any idea what THIS is? No? Well, not to worry. Im going to show you.

But first. Whats this? It appears to be a picture of some sort of chocolate brownie/cake a la mode.

Close up to that. the sender trying to tell me something? I wonder if this is her way of getting back at me for telling her how I made warm, gooey chocolate brownies the other day.

Okay, so back to the package. This is a very big deal. The whole family is watching.

And the reveal. Can you tell what it is yet?

Here. You can see it much better now.

And this is not even what I ordered. Its a goodie that she threw in. A personalized goodie, I might add. A very good goodie. Can you see what it says? Can you? It totally has the name of my blog on it. OMG. That is so frickin awesome. I am gonna let it hang right here. In my kitchen. So that I can see it every single day. Every single day, I say.

You know who this is from, right? I know you know. You have to know. If you dont know....well, are clearly not reading my blog often enough.

Its from Sugarcreekstuff. The one and only. Artist extraordinaire. Creator of all things gorgeous and great. She has a fabulous shop over at Etsy. Go on. Check it out. Ill wait.

Back now? Did you see all the great stuff she has? See? I told you.

Can you tell I(okay, we) am(are) excited?

Can you tell I love llamas?

Of course, now they must be introduced. All the llamas need to be friends. I have to say that she was a little stand offish at first.

But she warmed up after a bit. See how they are laughing together?

And these guys? They are very friendly. They made our new llamas feel right at home.

And this one? She likes to hang out in the kitchen. So, naturally, she had to offer up some snacks. Who doesnt love m and m's? (Besides, that ONE person. You know who you are.)

So, just in case you couldnt tell. I am in love with llamas. And I am in love with my new pillow from sugarcreekstuff.

Hey Michelle?

Thank you.


Farmer Jen said...

Awesome stuff you got! Your excitement is contagious. I like Sugarcreekstuff's work.

Lots of snow out where you are.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

OMG - what an amazing package to get in the mail!! Your pillow is absolutely beautiful and I love the little hangy thingy with your blog name on it. You are SO spoiled, Marc.

Gergo: I hope you recognize that picture - it's your teacup microwave chocolate cake that you sent me the recipe for - I have forwarded your recipe on to ALL my friends and Michelle was the first one to try it! :-)

Sue M. said...

Ok, I'm finally coming out of lurkdom...

Just LOVE your gifts and the pics! Your expressions and the llamas getting to know each other are too precious.

Mim said...

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.

First I gotta say is that your front porch? If so, those northern winds really drift the snow.

Second, I am so excited for you. That's fantastic what she did. And it looks like the llama's are all getting along.

Third, will we be able to get in your driveway with all that snow?

farm mom said...

Gorgeous stuff!! I's so jealous. Michelle, will you be my valentine? :)

And yes, maude. I do in fact, know who I am! ;) If they were say, black olives, I would soooo be there! ;)

sugarcreekstuff said...

You are a nut. Just so you know I try to use our junk papers that the printer kicks out to print addresses on them. One of my ways of being less wasteful, YOU ARENT SUPPOSED TO TAKE ALL THE TAPE OFF AND READ IT!
Any way, that pic of you and G hollering is adorable. I'm glad your llamas are making new friends, thank you for making them feel at home. ;-)

GreyWolf said...

Congrats Marcee. What a lovely Pillow and pot holder. I am glad to see all of your Llamas are getting along. Michelle is such a Sweetie.
Danni, oh yeah I recognized it right away, and thought the package was from you until I saw the first gift.
BTW have YOU tried it yet?

Farmgirl_dk: said... olives....yummmmm.... said...

Wow - it's all wonderful! And I just love the personalized pot holder. What a fabulous and thoughtful gift! Sugarcreek is so talented.

Fun post - I could just feel the excitement!

CeeCee said...

I'm glad your other llamas decided to accept the new ones. :)
Sugarcreek is an amazing artist!

Eeeeewwwww on the snow pictures. Can't stand the stuff. Makes me cold just looking at it.