Monday, February 16, 2009

Bucket of Books

Today, our local bookstore of 20 years, closed its doors for good. This was a tragic thing in our house. If you didnt know already, the way to our kids heart is thru a book. S and I are pretty easily won over that way as well.

There was a huge commotion in town when everyone realized that they were closing. Losing a local shop is a big deal. Especially one that gives back to the community as much as this one did. One of the big questions that was surfacing was what was going to happen to all the customers who had gift cards to redeem.

The answer to that was soon revealed in the newspaper as well as the local news
stations. They would reopen the store for a few days to allow final sales and the redemption of gift cards.

So, thats why at 945, this past Friday morning, you would have found me heading
towards this. Can you see S in that crowd? I was taking this pic as I was walking up to meet him. I made the best mama decision ever and decided that G would not partake in this bookstore event. He got to stay at Grammy's house and play.

Everyone in front of us. We are headed for that pointy roof up there.

This man in front of us knew he was in for a lomg wait. He brought reading material. Good idea.

Dont you just love his hat, tho.

Good waiting in line shoes.

This is our spot. Right next to the hydrangea tree. It looks much prettier in the spring. Honest. (Right about here in the line was where the lady that worked at the ice cream shop came out and began to take coffee orders. Then she brought out steaming hot coffee to people. Very good idea. And I dont even drink coffee.)

Can you see us?

The back of the line. Look. Theres our very own weather forecaster from one of the local news stations.

Shes my favorite weather forecaster.

Inside it was a ZOO. People everywhere. Walking around with piles and piles of books in their arms. Everything in the store was for sale. Even the silverware at the cafe. Even the coffeebeans. The smoothie mixes. The little bell that you rang to get help at the counter. Yep, that, too. You name it, it was for sale.

Here's my purchases. A bucket and a pile.

We entered the store at 10 am. and got in line at 1045 am. The line was already at the back of the store. About the time that S made it past the music section his arms were getting pretty tired. So, thats when he unloaded all the books he had into that great metal bucket. When I found him in the line, I, of course, had to tell him how much I liked his bucket. Which is when he replies, well thank you. It was either this nice bucket or that black cauldron over there. And I thought that you would like the bucket better. I have such a good man.

S had to take off at 11am. I, on the other hand, got to stay in the line to use all my gift cards. I had 6 with known amounts and 3 with unknown amounts. The line was moving very slowly and I chatted with a couple people behind me. Till they bailed anyway. They couldnt take it, I guess.

At any rate, I finally made it to the counter. But not before the big story of the morning reached our part of the line. Said person that just checked out spent a total of $980 dollars appx. Really? I wonder if that was all in gift cards?

The counter area was crazy all on its own. People would enter the store and see the long lines. Decide they didnt want to take the time to stand in the line. They would then proceed to try to sell their gift cards right there to the people getting ready to check out. They were making bargains....$20 card for 15 bucks. Some people took the deal. Others did not.

As for me? I managed to spend $147. The rest of my cards I handed to the couple behind me as I got done. Final time? It was 1240 when I departed the store. I spent a long, damn time in that line. Had it not been for the kids Im not sure that I would have done that. Long lines, lotsa people, crowded spaces? Not my cup of tea. Im just sayin.


Farmer Jen said...

Wow. Not my cup of tea either. Good that you made it through OK.

Mim said...

Ahh, I see now why your voice had such edge to it when you called after you left the store. Not I my friend. C would have had to go it alone if it had been us. I would have been sweating and my head would have been spinning. Too many *%$&# people for me. But I really like that bucket! Whatcha goin' use that for. It sure would make a good chicken bucket. I'm just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

Now THAT is a love of books, my friend. I bow down to the master. I prefer to buy mine online! lol

And mim is sooo right about that bucket! ;)

sugarcreekstuff said...

Bucket vs. Cauldron, hmmm, either one would have been cool.
It's funny what you will go through for your kids, great mom. :-)

Diane said...

I think you did a good thing for the store.. too bad it wasn't enough to keep it open.. Its a sad ending for an awesome community business..
I also love the bucket.. Shawn has good taste..
And that man's hat.. Grampa R. had one similar to that.. his Sunday hat.. had a feather and a couple fishin fly's on it.. he looked so handsome in it..
m said...

Oh dear. I get the shivers just *thinking* about being around all those people. You are one awesome mom. And I know you made that couple's day handing them the unused gift cards. That was really sweet of you. Just remember - no good deed goes unpunished ;-)


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow. You had a lot of money on those gift cards. That's very sad about your neighborhood bookstore. Cauldron, huh. I'm thinking I would've gone with the cauldron. Who *can't* use one of those. But, one can never have enough galvanized buckets either. I am confused, though. Why were they selling farm buckets at the bookstore?

Egghead said...

You are a brave girl. I hate standing in line but i do love book stores. Love the bucket.