Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life's little surprises

Have I ever mentioned how much I love to get mail? NO? Well, I love to get mail. Like real mail. Snail mail. The kinda mail that may be in the form of a letter or a package or a bill....okay, maybe not so much the bills....but the tangible idea of communication. It has always been so cool to me.

When I was younger I used to have a pen pal and I thought that was the coolest
thing ever. I mean, EVER.

These days, letters and stuff seem to happen less and less due to the whole online and internet age. BUT, they still happen. Sometimes totally out of the blue.

Like this.

I was so excited when the mail carrier brought it to my door. AND, I was home all by myself....what better time to open it! Look. That has my name on it.

Awwwww....a little rooster.

Then, I undo all the tissue paper to find this. Now, as I stand there I am having a moment of dejavu. Thats right. I seem to remember having seen this exact thing somewhere before.....

But, this time I know what it is! OMG. Its a chicken. Isnt it the cutest thing you have ever seen? My guess at a hat was WAY off base. But I was right on when I said that the colors were great. Arent they great?

And I got a chicken magazine. All this great stuff came from Mim. She knows its gonna be a bit before I get some of my own chickens, so she thought she'd try to make the wait a little more bearable. How sweet is that? Pretty damn sweet, I say.

So now the question becomes...where do I put the sweet little gal?

With this llama?

Or these llamas?

There clearly is not enough room to be with this trio of llamas.

On my cozy bed?

On my favorite, little stool?

On the buffet?

I know, how about near the fruit? Chickens like fruit.

Decisions, decisions.

Thank you, Mim. I LOVE my new barnyard friend.


Mim said...

I say just move her around. She likes to be different places and visit.

Also, lovin' the new bed covers. Pretty, pretty!

You are welcome! Love ya!

Egghead said...

that is about the cutest thing I have seen. I wouldn't put him on your buffet....he might get eaten. I love him on your bed. So cute!

sugarcreekstuff said...

That Mim is so talented with the sticks. I have major chicken envy.

Farmer Jen said...

OK now, I think you have been taking artsy photography lessons from our friend Danni, haven't you? You crack me up with all of those cute chicken and llama poses. Great handmade chicken. You have the "low maintenance" kind of hen there. No feeding, no pooping, no getting feathers and dust all over the place, no worries about it being too hot or too cold. Just cute and soft and fuzzy.

GreyWolf said...

I can't wait to see what kind of eggs it lays!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mim awesome?!? You're a lucky girl, maude. You've got quite the menangerie going on over there.

Gnightgirl said...

I know exactly where you should put it: My house.

Diane said...

I like her on the stool.. because I know where the stool came from.. it was around chickens in its first life.. But I like Mim's idea too..move her around.. see where she likes it best.. said...

Now that is just precious! I love her! She looked pretty comfortable on the bed. But I also think she'd like to look out of a window. And I bet she'd like a seat at the supper table too. You may have to tote her around with you so she can enjoy a variety of experiences. Do you have a chicken leash? I know she'd love a walk around the yard.

frugalmom said...

Mim: She has been moving around. Right now tho she is on my dresser.

Egghead: My chicken would look so great in your mudroom.

sugarcreekstuff: She is very talented. But I have been given rules...I am not allowed to ask for any sweaters. As you know, I always follow the rules.

Farmer Jen: Danni does take great pictures. I agree. And I cant wait till I have my own REAL chickens....

Grey Wolf: I cant either!

Farm mom: I am getting my share of little farm animals, huh? Maybe when I see you Ill have even more.

Gnightgirl: Ha! Your house. I dont think so.

Diane: Yeah, I like her sittin on that stool, too. the window! Great idea. I bet she would love to look out the window.