Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The baby is growing up

She looks longingly.

At these.

Double fisted...

Just try to take my toy.

Watchinnngggg for the toy.

Going in for the slide.

And then just the other day, this literally drops into my hand.

This is where baby teeth go.

Can you see it in there?

I think shes maybe talking to the bone.

And now shes wondering why Im interrupting her while shes trying to talk to the bone.

Getting ready for the jump.

Watching the toy as it falls from the sky.

You gotta have some action shots.

And of course, a little relaxing...growing up is hard work, ya know?


Farmer Jen said...

Very cute doggie. Love those action shots!

Vonda said...

That is the cutest dog. What expression! She must be so much fun.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I love that shot of her nose through the ring. That cracks me up every time.
And good golly, that's a small tooth. I'm not sure I would've even seen it if it had dropped in my hand. Hard to believe something so tiny can be so sharp and pointy! Cutie pie kangaroo legged puppy :-)

WV: joidaing (snirt) said...

That little Darby melts my heart! What a cutie. And I LOVE that tooth box! Very classy. I've got an Altoid tin I use for puppy teeth. I think they're finished teething now - although they are NOT finished chewing. Did the Doggy-Tooth-Fairy leave Darby a gift for that tooth?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't know how you get anything done. Those ears are just too cute!! I could watch them ALL DAY!!

Melody said...

Too cute!

Sue M. said...

LOL, I've never seen a puppy dog tooth fall out. How cool!

sugarcreekstuff said...

That pup sure is cute but that tooth looks like it could do some damage to my jugular.

goatgirl said...


frugalmom said...

Farmer Jen: She is a very sweet dog! But so dang hard to get pictures of. Shes so stinkin fast.

Vonda: She is very fun. And full of mischief.

danni: Every time I see that toy of hers like that on her face it makes me think shes a little flower.

Penny: She did get a gift. She got some tasty treats. She likes them very much!

Ang: I know, right? I think her ears grow more everyday. But just her ears.

Melody: Thanks!

Sue M.: I have to say that this is the very first time that I have had one drop in my hand like that. Normally they just swallow them and you never really know that they have fallen out.

Michelle: It totally could. Its razor sharp. And you saw how huge it is.

goatgirl: How about I send you her tooth? Its little AND white.