Tuesday, May 5, 2009

R and R

S and I had a couple days away last weekend. Something fairly close to home, but far enough away that we didnt have to cook!

We had crepes as big as our head.

We took long walks, holding hands and dreaming of a time when we could do things like this all the time. Okay, fine. We did take long walks, tho. And I did let him hold my hand.

We passed this very pretty fountain. Back up. Did you see that water? That doesnt even look right.

This is what water is supposed to look like.

We went down to the arch. Yep. That right. The one and only St Louis Arch. We started out at the bottom.

We had to stand in line. Did you know that you have to take your belt off now to get into the arch? And they have to look in your purse. Good thing I cleaned it out before we left. Im just sayin.

Then we went in this door.

And inside we sat in these seats. 5 people fit in here. Very, very closely.

We went all the way up to here.

And we looked thru the windows and saw really way far down.

Once we got back down to ground level we went into a little gift shop. It was called a general store. What the heck kinda general store doesnt have licorice? This one. But they did have these. S and I found this a little disturbing. (Look at the little girls in the basket.)

I would have loved to have ridden on one of these. Maybe next time.

And of course, on the way home, we had to stop here. This was S's first time. Can you even believe that?

He did good.

Great weekend. Lots of fun. Good food. Just me and my husband. Im thinking we need to do that way more often.


Mim said...

Those crepes look tasty. What a wimpy fountain.

That's quite the line for the Arch. Been up there once, no reason to go again. The swaying didn't freak you out?

Carriage rides are over-rated, especially if you get a gassy horse. ;0)

For sure you need to do this more often!

And next time be more specific with the initials. lol
Since two of our fav stores have the same letter it's easy for a girl to get confused, I'm just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

What a romantic get away for the two of you!! (Although that Charlotte thing...seriously creepy.) Now, promise me you two didn't text eachother the entire time.....right? ;)

Melody said...

LOL! I can't believe the lengths people go to to get their children to behave. Poor Charlotte!

warren said...

wait..you like licorice? Maybe we can agree on that if you won't eat nerds!

Not too many folks I know like licorice! I am so excited!

Of course, if I misunderstood...Nerds still rule!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ok, that transport to the top of the arch is postively futuristic. Actually, it sort of looks like some kind of high tech hospital device. Did they hand you MRI results or something when you got back to the ground? lol
Brrrr...that view from the top would not have made me very happy. Too high. Way, way too high.

Glad to see that S. visited the German version of TJ's, as is clearly indicated by the sign saying "Der Joe's" - ha ha ha

I don't think I would mention the text photos that were sent if I were you, ok? Because that kind of behavior could be classified as deviant. :-)

Country Girl said...

Those crepes do look good. I think you have inspired me to make some. That is wonderful you two had time alone. We have yet to do that since the kids were born....someday!

Farmer Jen said...

Eeek, about the creepy Charlotte thing! I've been to the Arch, long ago, but didn't get to go up inside of it. Thanks for the cool photos. Made me feel like I was in there with you. Sounds like a very romantic weekend. You two deserve it!

GreyWolf said...

Congrats on the vacation. Looks like you had a good time.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Beam me up Archie. I didn't know there was a ride in the arch, I thought you just looked at it.

Crepes as big as your head would have been well worth the trip. Geez, now I want a crepe.

CeeCee said...

Wow, just you and the hubby?? I'm so glad for you. It's so hard to do it when you have kids.

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

Holding hands and a trip to Trader Joe's! Wow - THAT'S a romantic time for sure. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I've actually been to that arch. Pretty cool. Thankfully, I missed the Charlotte basket. Please tell me you didn't buy one of those as a memento for Darby.......