Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garden Update

This past weekend we have been super busy outside. See? This is what we got done.

The neighborly side.

And our side.

I got to use this fantastically, fun tool to put all those pickets up.

Very sharp nails that go into said fantastically, fun tool.

The gate still needs to be hung.

S is working on it as I type.

While we were busy doing all that....the garden was busy, too.

My heirloom




Green beans, edamame, and cukes. (pickling and slicing).

Notice that empty spot? Yeah. That one. Right there. Uh huh. It used to have a cuke plant in it.

Till this little firecracker thought it would be fun to run thru all my beds. Not only did she run thru them, but she had a cuke for a snack.

Fingerling potatoes.

Red peppers.



You just never know when you may need a snack out here.

Oh, and wait. Tomatoes.

Little, tiny basil sprouts.

So, thats all the beds.

And before the day is over what is in these packages will be made into lovely row covers for my melons, pumpkins, and squash. To keep all the pesky bugs out.

Yummy peas.

Carrots. I am really thinking that I need to thin them. I am SO bad at thinning. Do I need to thin them right now? Did I need to thin them yesterday?

And a few colorful things as well.

Knock Out Rosebush.

Shasta daisy.

One of my many daylilies starting to bud out.

And little violas...These make me smile every time I see them. Do you see a little mustached face when you look at these, too?


Mim said...

Shoo, I'm tired and I'm not even there. Hmmm, just thin them don't think about it too much.

Oooo, I'm so glad the daylilies are gonna bloom. Can't wait for mine.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Gosh, you guys have done SO much work. Everything's gorgeous. Remember how I begged you last year to make me one of those cucumber climbing frame thingies? Those are just the coolest. I have cukes that need frames. Maybe week after next would be a good time to build a couple of those...can I borrow your nail gun?

sugarcreekstuff said...

I love, love, love your garden and new fence. So many things growing.

Q. Is edamame a fancy name for soy beans or is it a different variety?

Another Q. How are you going to keep that naughty (but so cute) pup out of your veggie beds?

my wv is grabl, maybe next time Darby will grabl she can.

Farmer Jen said...

Wow! Great fence. And your tomatoes and peas are so much further along than mine! I am impressed.

Wait till the carrots are a bit bigger before thinning them. Maybe a week from now.It will be easier to tell which ones are the strongest and biggest if you wait till then.

I, too, covet your cuke trellises. I don't have room in my small garden for big trellises, so I use tomato cages for my cukes, zukes, eggplants and peppers to climb on. I use them for tomatoes too!

Great looking garden. You will eat well this summer and fall.

Anonymous said...

Dang! That nail gun looks awesome....and dangerous! I wouldn't be allowed near it.

The garden is awesome, awesome, awesome!! So happy for you girl!

And Can I just say how cute S looks in that hat? Does he always walk around like that on the weekends? Eric wears a straw hat...and often gets mistaken for Amish!

Lilla said...

Wow, what wonderful gardens you have planted! Looks like you have been very busy. I, too, like the cucumber frame. What's it made of?

inadvertent farmer said...

What a perfectly lovely garden! I love all the boxes lined up like that, so orderly and perfect! Great job on the fence...aren't power tools fun??? Kim