Friday, May 15, 2009

Just stuff

We had a few sunny days this week.

But mostly I would have to say that it has rained and rained. Which is really good for my veggies.

This morning we woke up to more gray skies and some good bed head.

It was just the kind of morning to relax a bit.

And watch a cartoon.

I love baby toes.

We played a little hide and seek. You have to be a very well practiced seeker to find this little guy.

This made the little guy hungry so he got himself a snack.

Somehow, he can get the box down, but is not able to put it away. Can you see where it goes?

Must. Put. Away. Ahhhhh...I feel much better now.


Melody said...

Cute little guy! What a fun morning!

Sue M. said...

Love the bedhead and the baby toes! He really is too sweet!

Farmer Jen said...

Your pantry is so orderly! Gis always cute.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Awww, Darby looks so cozy in her little sun patch. Is it just me or can I actually see her ears growing in that first picture?
Baby toes are the BEST. That's the first thing I ask to do when I visit with new babies...take their little socks off so I can see their sweet little feet.
I can't quite tell...are those Trader Joe's multigrain bars in that box? That boy's got good taste AND he's an excellent hider.

Mim said...

Ha, ha Farmer Jen thinks your pantry is "orderly" she has no idea the depths of your "orderly" obsessions!

Love the bed head. And it must be chilly your way. We were in shorts and t-shirts today, high of 80.

Anonymous said...

Okay, clearly, there is a huge gap between my 10 and your 7. Cuz my pantry? Oh my....not nearly so neat and organized. I wish it was though...maybe you 7's just have more ambition? :)

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

Hi! Just wanted to say what a cute blog you have here. I am enjoying reading it.

I wish my pantry looked as organized as yours!

CeeCee said...

Baby toes are the downfall of me. I want to approach complete strangers in the grocery store if their baby doesn't have socks on. "Can I chew on your baby's toes?" I rein myself in. I have no need to be arrested.

GreyWolf said...

Ah, you have been watching WAY too much MONK. Did you plant your garden plants and seeds with that type of precision too?

warren said...

He doesn't need to put that box away...he has "boy parts"