Monday, May 24, 2010

Farm smells

When we moved to the farm it was on the cusp of springtime. Things were just beginning to green up.

Since then we have had the pleasure of seeing all the things the farm has been growing for many years.

Roses are plentiful around here.

And while I have never really been a "rose girl", I do have to say that they sure are pretty. Some of the colors are so vibrant.

And if you really enjoy extremely floral smells then Id say roses are for you.

But as much as I enjoy a good smelling flower...I must tell you, I also really enjoy the smell of this.

Do you remember when I mentioned that we got the hay storage area all cleaned out?

Well, it was in preparation for a ton of lovely grass hay.

And that fine young man you saw in the previous picture is stacking it all up for me right here.

What do I need hay for you ask? Well for my goats, of course!! I will be getting 3 sweet little goats in total. The first critters to call my farm home. Besides Darby, of course.

This weekend my family and I are going to take a little road trip to get 2 of them.

The third one will follow a couple days later.

3 sweet, furry, little nigerian dwarf goats. On my farm. In my barn. They will have a wonderful farm smell.

I can not wait.


polly's path said...

oooh! I am so excited for you!! Hurry up and post the pictures of your new babies.
The roses are lovely. I rescued a bunch from Lowes' clearance rack several years ago and they have thanked me by giving me the most beautiful blossoms and smells.
I don't find them too hard to keep, either.

goatgirl said...

Nice hay!!!!

Brenda said...

The roses are beautiful. They remind me of my rose garden at the farm I had several years ago.

How exciting for you to become a goat momma! They are the most wonderful farm companions! I love all 75 of mine. :D And ... they love me back!

Farmer Jen said...

Beautiful roses! And I can smell that grass hay from here. Yay for goats! (btw, my wv is "grits", how country is that?)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

In your series of rose photos, 7th picture down, I had a bush just like that. It was my very favorite color and light scent back when I "did" roses. Wish I could remember it's name...
What?! You're getting GOATS????? ;-)
Gosh, a week from tonight you'll have babies in your barn...
:-) :-) :-)

small farm girl said...

I'm getting the same kind of goats you are! Mine are just waiting to be weaned from their mother. You have to post pictures! And yes, clean hay is one of my favorite smells.

linda m said...

Your roses are gorgeous! Congrats on getting your new babies. How exciting!! said...

Those roses are just beautiful! I hope they do well for you. I love the fragrance of roses.

Yay for baby goats! They sure have a bunch of nice looking hay waiting for them. I can't wait to see pictures of them on your farm.

Chai Chai said...

Nigerian Dwarf Goats - You will find them listed under "Cute" in the dictionary. Can't wait to see their pictures.

charlotte said...

I am so Happy for you all those rose sweet, wish I could grow them, Never had any luck. Baby goats that is great. :-)

Sarah said...

those are beautiful roses, and lovely hay! I think they both smell wonderful! Congrats on your new animals! I'm on my way to read those posts next. I am way behind!!!