Friday, May 7, 2010

On the farm

Several days ago I was out in the back pasture and spotted these.I have no idea what kind they are or to whom they belong...they just sort of appeared.

And unfortunately, they disappeared just as quickly. In a few hours to be exact. S spotted a crow flying off with one of the eggs and then later, I found this over by the fence. Poor eggs. Poor mama and daddy of the eggs.

My first hummingbird on the farm!!! I was so excited to see that little bird at my feeder. I love watching them. (I promise. He really is there.)

The hard working farm dog.

We have what we think are apricots. YUM!

On the way to the apricot tree I stopped by the grapes...which are partially planted in the garden and partially in the fruit tree area. And look what I found under the grape vines. One lonely, little asparagus. This made me smile. I wonder tho...will there be more in the coming years perhaps?

My ma is in town. Let it be known that I have not hesitated to put her to work.

And of course, G. He has to play a major role in whatever takes place around here.

At any time it can become a full body experience.

I have decided that the soil here is the best I have ever worked in.

You always know you have great soil when you find all kinds of these fat, juicy guys.

The previous owners left this huge chunk of half baked alfalfa hay for me. Wasnt that nice of them?

Im not quite certain on what to do with it. Leave it to G to come up with a really great idea.


Window On The Prairie said...

The white dog looks just like a dog I used to have. What else do you have beside the llamas? We have cattle, and barn cats. Oh, and Kitty, the housecat, and master of the house.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Haaa! That made me laugh!! That's the tallest, skinniest lone asparagus I have ever seen. You should name him. :-)
Your mom looks terribly fashionable in her pink rubber boots - and from the looks of it, she knows how to yield a rake! Good help is hard to find, you know, so you better keep her around for a while!
Oooh, worms are so wonderful for your soil..can't wait to see all that grows in your garden plot.

frugalmom said...

WOTP: I dont have any animals...yet. Soon tho. Very soon. Those llamas you see are at my best girlfriends property. But I will be getting llamas, goats, and some chickens. :-)

danni: Right? Isnt he funny? I bet he and Bubba would have been very good friends. If I name him, does that mean I can give him flowers as well? :-)

Chai Chai said...

A new farm that has already working fruit trees and asparagus, how wonderful for you. The soil looks great as well, congratulations on your new farm and your new life!

Farmer Jen said...

Yes, that is a very tall asparagus! I love the fruit trees and your view. Is your farm on top of a hill/mountain? Old alfalfa makes a good addition to your compost pile, as does chicken poop, feathers, veggie scraps, llama beans etc. said...

Wow, that is one big earth worm - I would use that as a gauge of good soil too. Your mom looks like a natural farmer in those pretty pink boots. And G is like a little walking package of fun. Won't it be fun to see if that asparagus has friends that show up?