Monday, May 10, 2010

Over the weekend

The weekend weather was beautiful. Highs in the 70's, bright sunshine, and very little wind. Perfect.

It was the ideal time to pull out these muck boots that I have had stowed away for over 2 years. My father in law got them for me for Christmas a couple years ago. I have been saving them for this very day. The day when I can say that I have my own farm.

And what better way to break them in than to get all my seedlings in the ground.

Seedlings you ask? How did I ever have time to plant and care for those in the midst of my big move? Well, I didnt. Thankfully, I have a fantastically, wonderful friend named danni. She planted them and cared for them and talked to them. Just like I would have. And then when I got here to Washington, she brought them to me. Wasnt that so super nice of her? Yes, it was.

So, while I got all those pretty little seedlings in the ground...

S went to work on another portion of the garden. He was cultivating it for me so it was all ready for more seeds to be sown.

And look. Thats my boot print.

The soil here is so amazing that you just kinda sink right into it.

I found something new in the garden AGAIN. Last time it was a lone asparagus. This time it was a bunch of cilantro plants! YUM! I love cilantro.

Planting seedlings and seeds isnt at all complete unless you make sure to scatter some of these happy flowers through out your garden.

We also used this time to clean out the hay storage area.

I thought I would save the hay that was left here and store it in one of my spare barn stalls and use it for the chicken run. (Which is to come later.)

So, it needed to be moved. This bale decided it didnt want to cooperate.

But ma showed it who was boss.

And this is what happens when you attempt to put a hay bale on the dolly that clearly was missing its twine.

We got it all done tho. And look how pretty it looks now. Almost like its just waiting to be filled up again...

While ma and I cleaned up the hay area, K got a tractor lesson.

She was a natural and took to it quite quickly.

And shes off. I wonder if she knows shes a farm girl now.


Egghead said...

Yay! Garden time. Looks like everything is coming along nicely at your new place.

CeeCee said...

Big smile :)!
I'm so happy for you.

Chai Chai said...

Your place looks just grand. Don't new books feel wonderful?

Amy said...

So I know we got a tour of your wonderful new home but I would love a tour of that nice looking barn!

Sarah said...

What fun, what perfect weather for it, and I LOVE that it was a family affair! Its so awesome that you were all working together and enjoying it!

Country Girl said...

Yeah so happy for you the boots!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hello from Ireland! :-)
You all are getting so much done!!
Everything looks great and I love how everyone is getting involved! I would LOVE all those willing hands at my place - think of all I could get done! :-)
Fun that you got the seedlings planted - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they produce well for you!

goatgirl said...

Now fill that hay storage area with some nice grass hay!

polly's path said...

the place looks great-caught a glimpse of the view from one of the pics.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I have to catch up on yours now!

frugalmom said...

Egghead: Things are great over here. I love my new place. :-)

CeeCee: I dont think my smile has left my face since we moved in here!

ChaiChai: Thank you! New boots are wonderful.

Amy: A barn tour? I think I can make that happen. :-)

Sarah: Oh yeah. Gotta get the whole family out there to enjoy the beautiful day!
Country Girl: Thanks!

danni: Hello to you in Ireland! More hands you say? Ill send the kids over any time youd like...summer is coming up, you know. Im sure they would love to go and visit Aunt danni....

goatgirl: Howd you know thats what I was thinking???

pollys path: I have you added to my google reader. :-) Thanks for coming by for a visit. I love the view from the house...and the yard...and the window...:-) said...

Such a happy looking group of workers! That soil is just gorgeous. I bet your face hurts from smiling :)