Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just passing thru

Do you recognize these pups?

No? Well, here. Lets get them out of that great big truck for you.

How about now? This weekend, Sarah, over at Between You, Me, and the Fencepost contacted me and said that they were gonna be passing through my area. Then she asked if I wanted to meet up for lunch...or coffee...(Shhh...I didnt tell her that I dont drink coffee), but I did suggest a place that we could meet. And it just so happened that it all worked out. So everyone, meet Sarah. Sarah, everyone.
She is so very sweet and it took me back in time to when I lived in the south, to hear her rich, southern accent.

Carlie Jean was the first one to come over and meet G.

And as much as G enjoyed the pups, I have to say that he REALLY enjoyed that great big truck. He got to have a tour, courtesy of Sarahs husband, Malcolm. And just so you know, according to G, a tour is where you get to see something all over, but someone else shows it to you.

And by looking at him, I think the tour went pretty darn well.

The best part of that tour tho? If you asked him...his answer was the same every time. Pulling the cord for that really loud horn.

And then second best? That other horn that was on the steering wheel. He said, they had 2 horns, mama. Thats more than what we have in our van.

After the very successful tour, we all decided to load up in the one horned van. Paris really wanted to ride with G in his seat.

And go back to my place so the pups could get out and stretch their legs.

Darby, was just itchin to meet some new friends.

This whole time I thought it was just Darby that liked to run in circles.

But nope, those 3 pups of Sarah's like to do that, too. I think really they were trying to get away from Darby. But they were very sweet and never said that out loud.

They did stop just for a minute to visit with me.

And when it was time for Sarah to go....Paris made sure to let G know that she was really going to miss him. (What you cant see in that picture is that S had a roast beef sandwich in his hand. I cant tell who wanted a bite more. G or Paris)

Thanks for stopping to visit with us, Sarah!


CeeCee said...

How much fun!! Meeting other bloggers would be great. I'm glad G. was able to suffer through meeting them, too. ;) "Two horns"--every boy's dream.

Sarah said...

we had a great time! Thank you for hosting us and putting up with our roudy load girls. They had a blast, and even enjoyed playing with Darby once they all burned some energy off. Still enjoying the cookies, and yes I did share some of them...a few anyway.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

How fun that you got to meet Sarah and her husband and their 3 funny-sweet dogs! I can totally see the Chinese crested half of Darby when they're all together like that. I think Darby needs a set of jammies like Paris has on!
Sounds like a wonderful day :-)