Monday, May 17, 2010

Likey and no likey

The little guy and I set out to plant some seeds. Proper gear makes working so much more efficient.

To decide who got to dig the rows and who got to place the seeds we played rock, paper, scissors. I was paper. He was rock. I made the rows and he put the seeds in.

Upon entry into the garden we noticed these huge onions.

At the time, I didnt know that the flowers on top meant that I should have already harvested them. From what I have read, it says that once a flower develops on the top of the stalk, the stalk will have already emerged thorough the center of the onion. This causes the center of the onion to contain a green sprout like portion making long term storage of the onion near impossible. It can also make the onion taste bitter.

So yeah, totally missed the ideal harvest time on this batch. Once I figured that out I went out and pulled them up.

And washed them really well.

Those were some pretty big onions. G really wanted to save this one for his good friend, Mr Jim, but I convinced him that Mr Jim would actually enjoy some tasty raspberries instead. Youre welcome, Mr Jim.

I am happy to report tho, that there wasnt a green sprout in the center, nor did the onion have a bitter taste.

I also harvested some of this. Can you guess what it is?

Yep. Yummy cilantro. It went perfectly on our tacos.

While some of this was going on however, S was busy working on the "always ongoing saga" of the sprinkler system. But suddenly I heard him call out to me.

I go over to him to see this.

Do you know what kind of spider that is?

That red hourglass you see on her abdomen is a very clear sign that shes a black widow.

Its also very clear that she is on extreme guard duty when it comes to those egg sacs.

This was our first meeting with a black widow spider. We called the kids over to show them what she looked like. Seeings how they are poisonous and all we felt it a good idea to point them out to the kids....and to give them permission to remove G from the company of such a spider should he entertain the idea of becoming friendly with one.

Shortly after this meeting, S came across black widow number 2.

One is plenty for me. I dont think I need to meet anymore.


Brenda said...

Please don't let anyone get bit by those black widow spiders! Removing them and the egg sacks would be a very good idea. I got bit by one on the thumb a couple of years ago ... The poison caused a most intense pain in my whole body, back spasms, and uncontrollable vomiting. I spent a couple of days in the hospital recovering. These spiders are not to be taken lightly. Please be careful!

Sarah said...

love the garden stories, shivering over the spider. I worked at a girl scout camp one summer and we kept finding Black Widow's in the tents. No one else would go near enough to kill them, so I got the pleasure of knocking them down with a broom and squishing them. Bad memories! Hope you don't run across anymore!

frugalmom said...

Brenda: Not to worry. Well, you can worry. But hopefully not any more than me. :-) We had a good conversation with the kids on spiders and safety. And S will be wearing gloves from now on when hes working in spider prone areas. As well as wielding a flashlight for those dark spaces...The ones we found were indeed squished. The egg sacs, too. I feel the big kids will know to stay away...its the little guy that concerns me. Just means I need to be even more watchful of him when hes helping me on the farm.

Sarah: Thats a pretty crappy job you were given if I do say so myself. But, I bet everyone felt much safer having you around. :-) S is still talking about how he almost reached his hand into that sprinkler but he saw movement out of the corner of his eye...he will for sure be donning gloves from now on.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Yowza - who knew the early stages of farm life could be so dang dangerous? We've got some monster spiders at our place and supposedly black widows, too, but I don't think I've ever seen one. Maybe there are some hiding in with the turkey feet we were admiring, too? We probably should have considered this before we started digging around in that deep, dark cabinet. LOL (with my eyes darting back and forth)

What a stroke of luck that you were the one to get to dig the rows... :-)

I have passed on the onion story, but I don't think it was appreciated much. Please tell G thank you from me on the onion hater's behalf. I would have LOVED to taste some of the onions fresh from your garden. :-)

sugarcreekstuff said...

I usually never kill spiders but that one and her thousands of babies would be spider juice in no time. Yikes!
Those onions were cool!

My wv is quoth. My quoth of the day is:
If you find black widow spiders, put on some big klunky boots and dance.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to come back to Illinois...I don't believe I have ever seen one of those spiders here. If you don't come back(and I know you won't) make G wear gloves all the time. He will like that. Kelly

Gnightgirl said...

Gahhhhhhhhhh. Are you keeping your hoodie tied tight around your face? That's one nasty girl spider.

CeeCee said...

I'm hoping Mrs. BW went to visit her long dead husband in spider heaven. The egg sacs, too.

The onions are great. Nothing like free produce. Did one of them go in the tacos with the cilantro?

small farm girl said...

Those spiders are horrible!!!! I had a friend who got bit 7 times over a years time. He ended up in the hospital for a long time. He even had to learn how to walk and talk again. The spiders you see arn't the ones you have to worry about. It's the ones you don't see. That just gave me shivers.

polly's path said...

I was with you on the onion part, loved it, loved the color, all that. Then you post a picture of a you-know-what. Oh, dear. I can't even look at them in books, or even those little halloween cupcake rings.

the girl who called 911 once on a spider.

CeeCee said...

Marc, sorry I failed to read that you had indeed, killed the spider/egg sacs before I commented. (rolls eyes).

We had a terrible outbreak of them in our garage several years ago. Quickest way to spot where they are---they build a hodge-podge web. Sort of like cobwebs in old movies.

Take care and keep you eyes open. :)

Anonymous said...

Those green plants with the little flowers coming out the top are just weeds. Go ahead and dig them up and throw them away.

Farmer Jen said...

Your onions are lovely. I have some spring onions in a pot on my porch that have been there for several years. I never dig them up, I just keep snipping off the fibrous flower stalks and harvesting the green leafy parts for use as "green onions" in my cooking.

Those black widows are bad. They are shy and hide in dark spaces like garages, storage sheds and under the house. I have many in my garage and must inspect each cardboard box that I need to get into to make sure there are none hiding in there. I squish all black widows and egg sacs when I find them. Good that you showed the kids what they look like.

Chai Chai said...

Your farm is producing all kinds of things and you have hardly gotten started yet! I can't believe how large those onions were so early in the season. said...

Those are some pretty onions! And you are so lucky to have such a good farm helper around each day. It's really good the kids now know exactly what a BW spider looks like. I'm not much for killing spiders either, but we did indeed kill the only BW spider we've ever found.

frugalmom said...

danni: Right? We should have been much more cautious when it came to the turkey feet...I passed on the thank you to G that you offered. And he smiled. Then he said, but what about Mr Jim? Did he like the onion that I wanted to save for him???

sugarcreekstuff: S killed that spider and her egg sacs with a great big stick...and then went a step further and smashed it with his shoe.

Kel: Yes, G does love to wear gloves...and no. Im not moving back. :-)

gnightgirl: I knew you would love this post.

CeeCee: The onions DID go with the tacos. And they were yummy!

small farm girl: Well, If I wasnt scared already...I would be now. :-) 7 times in one yeear? I dont like that idea.

Pollys path: Ha! or the little halloween rings...okay, sorry. Not funny. But, please, you *must* share the 911 spider story. you must.

Anon: Been awhile since Ive heard from you. Very nice to see you. :-) Im totally not throwing them away...since you are SO not the boss of me. But, I wont make you eat them. Hows that? A pretty good compromise I think. :-)

Farmer Jen: I love your spring onion pot idea. I bet those are super yummy.

ChaiChai: Yeah...Im not certain when they were planted or anything since they were here when we moved in...I always planted onions in the Spring back in IL.

Penny: I love my farm helper! The kids were not pleased with the idea of having a poisonous spider around...K took a look and headed right back inside...J asked a few questions and then felt he was armed with enough information, and G, well, he was I showed him the pictures later...he said that altho one of his favorite colors is red and that spider does have red on it...he still doesnt think he likes it any better.

the inadvertent farmer said...

Having been raised in Yakima I have seen plenty of those...and in the hills scorpions too!

Luckily all things poisonous would drown where I live in Washington now! Guess our damp weather is good for something. Kim