Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy to be out!

The goat boys live in one of my barn stalls. When they arrived I felt it best to keep them stalled for the first several days so they could get acclimated to their new environment.

We, of course, went out to visit with them very, very often.

The first couple days they were here, it rained and rained.

But on the first sunny day I opened the top partition of the stall door. You can see how Niko handled the new idea. Fairly calm he was.

Kip, on the other hand, made it very clear that he was more than ready to exit the stall. If the door was fully open or not.

Far be it from me to keep them in any longer. So, I opened the door.

They ran right out. And then stopped. And then made the most noise they had made since they arrived. They were very happy to be outside.

The very first thing they did...well, after running and kicking their heels? Jump up on the spool, of course.

Niko and Kip arent that good at sharing.

Now, this spool was given to me in April. Danni brought it for me when she came to help me move in. Well before I even had my little goat babies.

I think this is the greatest housewarming gift ever.

And she delivered it right to my house. And unloaded it and everything.

The kids rolled it up the hill.

Stood it up on end.

And then boys, being boys...they had to climb on it. K on the other hand. Well, she was done.

And when the goats arent sitting up on that spool...we sit on it. And look at the goats some more.


linda m said...

What is it about goats and spools? The two just seem to belong to each other. :) Cute pictures.

polly's path said...

we love our spools, too!
They look like they are starting to get along better...

goatgirl said...

They look great. I see that Finley is starting to be part of the group.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Jeez, those little guys didn't have a bit of trouble jumping up on top of that giant spool, did they? That picture of Kip, mid-air, about to sail over the half-door is hilarious!
And you know, I could be way off, but one spool just doesn't look like enough. Not with three goats and all. :-)

Sarah said...

too fun!

Egghead said...

Those goats are so stinking cute! It is so nice to see your dreams materializing.

inadvertent farmer said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have been enjoying your new adventure...thanks so much for brightening my otherwise annoying day! Kim

Lilla said...

I'm with Danni. You need another spool. And that's a fact.

Chai Chai said...

Got to love the spools. Why no female goats?

frugalmom said...

linda m: Right? A goat just cant walk away from a spool!

Pollys path: Starting....I wush it were happening faster, but all in its own time, right? Finmley is by far the most skittish of the three.

goatgirl: They are doing wonderfully! I am so happy! And Niko is such a cuddle bug. You wouldnt believe it. :-)

danni: They totally jumped right up there. No second guessing, no holding back...just jump, jump, jump! And I think youre right. I for sure need 2 more spools.

Sarah: It is fun! i am having the best time with these little guys.

Egghead: Thank you! I am so happy. I love Washington. I love my farm. And I love my goats. :-)

IF: Aww...thank you! It makes me happy to think that you are enjoying following along with my crazy new adventure. I am having the time of my life.

Lilla: Yes. You are both right. But dont tell danni I said that.

Chai Chai: I think you may have asked me that before and I never answered you. Sorry. :-) No real reason, I guess. Im not ready to breed yet and to be honest, Im not a big fan of goats milk/cheese. If goatgirl has her way there will be a doe on my farm sooner rather than later. :-)

goatgirl said...

Chai Chai, frugalmom has never tasted Nigerian milk...sweet as candy! I have had several people, all of whom didn't think they would like goat milk, taste it this last week. First they smell it, then they gingerly taste it, then they smile and say "Oh it's really good" and then down the whole glass. I don't like strong goat cheese but a mild chevre is lovely on a cracker.
No goaty taste at all. Promise.
You have probably just had badly handled goat milk before.
Just sayin'
But really you don't need a doe to have lots of fun with goats. They do many wonderful things other than give milk. Like carry a juice box and a snack in a pack.
I'm am so happy you love the goat boys as much as I did and that there are people that don't want does and are happy with the things sweet little wethers provide, like entertainment.
Next time you come I'm going to break out the sweet as candy milk. Bring Danni.

Diane said...

That's just cool beyond words.. said...

what a fun post! I laughed at Kip jumping up at that door. Your goat babies are just beyond precious. The picture of G and J jumping up on the spool and K walking away is hilarious! And that last picture is just perfect. Yay for spools! Oh,and I so LOVE your new header picture - the goat babies just pop right out! Life looks good in Washington. Very, very good :)

warren said...

Spools rule! I used to play on one all the time as a kid (get it?)