Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer nights are the best

The big kids are out of school for the summer now. And this makes G super happy.

Not only because we get to do this way more often.

But also because it means the fantastically fun fort gets built.

And they get to have sleepovers in it.

On this particular night tho, they had a scavenger hunt first.

To find all these delightful ingredients.

Can you guess what they are for?

Did you say smores? Yes, indeed. But these are special smores. Made with only the finest ingredients, including dark chocolate chips and scooby snacks.

G sits back and waits for the eating to begin.

Once hes given the go ahead he doesnt hold back.

Then they absolutely must see who can make their marshmallow stretch the furthest.

G looks at J and says, no this.

After the yummy scooby smores have been devoured, yahtzee is on the list of things to do.

And guessed it....BED.

But first, the clock must be made available so that G can see when the infamous eight zero zero arrives. Once this arrives he knows hes allowed to get out of bed. And this makes him super happy, too.

Good night, kids!! Sweet dreams.


Farmer Jen said...

You have an "iHome"?? I'm gonna hafta get me some of those Scooby Snacks now.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Mmmm...scooby snacks...
That fort looks awesome...I had to laugh when I saw that big yellow blanket - it didn't look like there was anybody underneath, but there they all were.
I love that K. enjoys doing all this with her younger brothers.
Ahhhh, summer.

icebear said...

Oooh, i remember playing like that as a kid! Those are some cool looking s'mores, yum :o)

polly's path said...

sounds like summer!

CeeCee said...

G wins the 'longest marshmallow sting' contest!

What wonderful memories they are making together. :)

Sarah said...

How cool! Looks like tons of fun, esp the smores!

inadvertent farmer said...

You should link this to my 'summer's simple things' post...cause you can't get any better the smores in the summer, not to mention time with siblings! Kim