Monday, June 21, 2010

New neighbors

We have new neighbors.

Or rather, the goats have new neighbors. The cows just moved into the pasture that is right next to our goat run.

Finley was the first one to notice them.

He then called out to the other two. Which is a huge deal because Finley is the quietest goat I know. They came over to see right away.

Kip told Niko that he was gonna try to get closer.

So he ran out there, jumped up on the spool, and let out a great big helllloooooo.

And, of course, Niko couldnt let him do that all alone.

Finley, however, never moved an inch. He didnt feel the need to introduce himself. Thats just the way he rolls.


Farmer Jen said...

Ha! Too cute!

Brenda said...

Aren't they fun to watch?! It still amazes me how complex their communication is with each other and other animals ... including us. I enjoy spending time "talking" to my goats so much. Your boys are very special.

small farm girl said...

Goats have such personalities! To funny!

polly's path said...

so funny.
I love how animals communicate with each other, and always dream about what they might be saying.

Sarah said...

between you and Critter Farm I'm learning that goats are about 100 times more entertaining than I thought, and I already thought they were pretty entertaining!

jillian said...

oooo, new neighbors are exciting! And I LOVE the photos of them on the big spool! I think all goats should have one...I'll have to be on the lookout for one. :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

You know, as close as they were, I don't think I heard those big guys make a bit of noise the whole time we were there. I thought I did, but that just turned out to be Jim mooing at them. :-)

You know, your little goaties kind of remind me of little llamas in a way...the way they will stand and study things for the longest time is very reminiscent, don't you think? lol
Cutie pies. said...

Goodness, the new neighbors look a little grumpy. But I bet Kip and Niko warmed them right up. Finley is so handsome and confident standing there like that.