Thursday, June 17, 2010

Its that time

So, about two weeks ago, the neighbors that live behind us "warned" us that their cherry guy (also known as the guy who sprays their cherry trees) said that the cherries would be ripe for the picking very, very soon.

Well, this week appears to be soon.

For the most part, anyway.

And even tho our tree is a dwarf cherry tree....yes, I still need to use a ladder.

Can you see them in there?

G is checking it out to make sure that it doesnt have any flaws. At the same time he is letting me know that he thinks it quite odd that someone would plant a tree that grows sour cherries.

Along with our one sour cherry tree, we also have 2 pear trees.



We have one plum tree.

One apricot tree.

And 4 apple trees.

2 granny smith

And 2 that are some kinda "delicious" variety.

So we are told anyway....thats all subject to change upon reaching harvest time. When we can see things fully ripened and draw our final conclusions.

I think we made a pretty good haul of cherries for our very first harvest. 3 pounds and 2.25 ounces to be exact.

Without a doubt, I can say that cherry season has just begun.

So, if you need me, Ill be in the tree.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Well, G. and I want to know what you're gonna do with all those "odd" sour cherries. (I love his haircut, btw. Please tell him I said so.)
Your fruit is all looking mahhhvellous...Mmmm...I have a hankering for some fruit. Maybe you'll make me a sour cream cherry pie? :-)

CeeCee said...

What does one do with sour cherries? Pies? Preserves?

polly's path said...

envy, envy, envy.
We can't grow them here.
I love cherries.

Sarah said...

Yum! I LOVE sour cherries! They make the BEST EVER cherry pies! I am so thrilled for you all to have that orchard. What a treat and a blessing!

warren said...

Holy crap you are fruity!!!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, you are going to have a ton of fruit. I sure hope that everything ripens nicely for your first year and that you enjoy your fruit all year long. I think you should probably send me some of the pears. Kelly

Chai Chai said...

How great is it that you have all this already producing on your farm.

Better break out your pie recipes.

Gnightgirl said...

I loooove cherry pie; when I hit 5 years old, I began asking Mom for a cherry pie instead of a birthday cake. She complied, I had birthday pie. Still my favorite, and the original Betty Crocker cookbook has a recipe to die for, that takes 2 T. cherry brandy. Yummmm

Farmer Jen said...

I love cherry pie! Cherry preserves are nice too. Your fruit is so much farther along than we have here. My apples are tiny yet compared to yours. I do have a lot of sour Montmorency cherries this year on my little tree. Probably not enough to make a pie though. I do love using my cool cherry pitter though. I've been using it some on my sweet cherry harvest.