Sunday, January 7, 2007

Cookies, anyone?

I have to tell you this story.

I have this friend named Mindy who I commonly refer to as the kitchen gadget queen! She has every imaginable kitchen tool available. I visit her house often and usually stand there and talk about how I would like to have this or that...altho I don't want to spend the money on a new tool when the way I do things work just fine.

She has had these cookie scoops for quite sometime and I always see her use them, but am always skeptical as to how they could possibly be better then my way. My way she would refer to as archaic. The 2 spoon method. You know, scoop the cookie dough up with one spoon, scrape it onto the cookie sheet with the other spoon...

What should I receive from my loving husband as part of my christmas present? 3 different sized cookie scoops. They are made by Oxo.

I decided to make cookies the other day and pulled out my Oxo cookie scoops. I have all 3 different sizes, but chose the middle size to make my cookies. Can I just say that these things are amazing!!! It is so much faster and the cookies are all the same size and totally porportioned. I can fit more cookies on my sheet and they look so pretty when they are done baking. The cookie scoops are easy to squeeze and can go right in the dishwasher when you're done. How easy is that?

I was so excited that I had to call Mindy while I was making my cookies and let her know how much fun I was having and how much easier and faster it was. She, of course, says, "I've been trying to tell you!" "You were always so skeptical!"

So, go out and get some of the Oxo cookie scoops and bake away! I'm telling you it will be a fun time had by all. Watch out tho, if you use the small cookie scoop you will end up with bite size cookies and that could be might not know when to stop eating!


gnightgirl said...

I did NOT know about cookie scoopers, but Momo and I will rush right you house for cookies!

Momo said...

Heh heh - that's right! I'll be there to gobble some up!

I love that cookie scoop idea!

Frugal Mom said...

gnightgirl: Too late...cookies are almost gone already!

Momo: Nice to meet you! I dont know how adept I am, but I can offer up some advice if you ever need it!

Much More Than A Mom said...

Those look cool, and much cheaper than the Pampered Chef version. If I ever baked, I'd get some!