Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Supply and Demand

My friend, Mindy, always has the neatest stuff. She's always the first one of us to buy something new that has just come out so she can try it. It is a small goal of mine to buy something before she does and then call her and tell her all about it. Normally, she says "I know, I have that." or " Yeah, I saw that on T.V."

A long time ago I was visiting her and she had this body wash that I really fell in love with. I used it all the while I was there and it made me happy and I smelled pretty. I, being a frugal person, don't frequently buy stuff like that. So, it was a nice treat when this Christmas she gave me some as part of my gift. There was also an added bonus of body lotion to match.

Imagine my surprise when she then tells me that she got it at Big Lots. That is a closeout store around this area. I had a rush of panic and then elation. Panic because if it's at Big Lots than that normally means it won't be available anymore. Elation because (and this is where my frugal gene comes in) I was thinking off how many bottles I could stock up on at a really good price. Could I possibly be one of the few who liked this scent and it just didn't make the cut?

The next day we headed out to run errands and went to Big Lots in search of New Year supplies. We headed to the soapy, smelly aisle in hopes of finding my loot. My adrenaline was running strong and she calls out to me that she found it.....do you think they had any of my scent left? NO!!! I was bummed, but we stood there and smelled all the others they had. I did end up picking out a couple of new scents, but they didn't compare to the Vanilla Plum.

Fast forward to today. I was online and came across this. They didn't stop making my scent after all. It is just in a new package and now instead of listed as Soothing it's listed as Uplifting. *sigh* I feel so much better now. I haven't even used the one in the new package yet and I already feel Uplifted.

Back to Basics folks...please don't scare me like that again.

Everyone else...pick up a bottle and try it. They have alot of different scents to choose from. The soap doesn't dry out your skin. It foams up into a nice, bubbly lather and it doesn't leave you feeling sticky when you're all done. They also have matching lotions for all the scents as well.

Take it from me. It works well as a gift, too!


gnightgirl said...

That looks like a wine-bottle with a squirt-top for me. Is it bad if I want to drink your Plum Vanilla stuff?

You crack me up, I'm glad you're here in blogger land.

My BigLots/TuesdayMorning search has been for that frickin' tagine, which Mindy told me she found at TJMaxx. I found them at Tuesday Mornings, bought ONE, loved it so much, and have been unable to find them anywhere ever since. Why did I not buy ALL of the tagines?!!

I'm glad you're Uplifted. Way better than Soothed.

Frugal Mom said...

gnightgirl: What is tagine? Thanks for being a faithful reader of my blog.

Mim said...

Geez, I'm feeling very famous. What with my name in lights and all. I'm lovin' your blog. It makes me smile and want to pick up the phone and give ya a ring.

gnightgirl said...

Tagine is a clay vessel, with a cone-shaped lid. You put in the rice and meat and veggies and spices, and the steam rises and runs right back into the food. So far, I've only made garlic wild rice in mine, but that's been enough to make me fall in love.

Frugal Mom said...

Mim: Mim, you use a tagine? Never even seen it at your house...

Much More Than A Mom said...

Sounds like it smells delish! We only use organic and natural products now (we only put them on our skin if we could eat them, figuratively of course. We don't actually eat soap) but it still sounds great! I may suggest those fragrances to the woman who makes lots of our stuff.

Frugal Mom said...

Much More Than A Mom: I used to try to do the all organic, but with 3 kids it became quite pricey. I still try to do the best I can as far as finding natural products and as far as food goes I stick to the big staple items like dairy and meats to go with the natural and organic.

Mim said...

I do not own the Tagine. I picked it up for Nee. She has yet to use it. I was thinking of "temporarily" borrowing it "forever". I put all those quotes in for gnightgirl. ;0)