Saturday, January 6, 2007

What has prompted my first entry?

I would have to say my first entry has been prompted by my great find of Robeez shoes. I had heard of them before, but since my kids were older there wasn't really a need for them. However, when my youngest son was born and began to become mobile I began my search.

I found their website and browsed online, but decided to try to find them here in my own neighborhood. I found a few locations on their website that carried them around here and headed out. First things first. I had a pit stop to make at Target. It so happens that Target carries their own brand of a leather shoe that is similar to Robeez.

I will sometimes get sucked in by the off brand because it tempts me by the difference in price. I had my son with me so I tried them on him......having nothing yet to compare them to I opted to go for the Circo Baby Infants Leather Shoes for $12.99. They are blue with a green star on them. We finished up and went home and he has been wearing them ever since (about 3 weeks so far.)

Christmas came and went. My family happened to be staying at my in-laws. My father-in-law and I have an annual tradition the day after Christmas where we go to a store in his area called Kaleidescope
. We like to pick out really cool Christmas ornaments at half the price! What should there be towards the back of the store??? A rack of honest to goodness Robeez. You should have seen my excitement. After much contemplation and discussion with my FIL, we went with the giraffe pair for $26.00.

I have to say that I should have opted for the Robeez from the get go. They are more expensive, but clearly much better made. They are more narrow than the Target brand so they stay on his feet better. The Target brand ones have lost a lot of their color near the tips of the shoes and have cracked pretty badly. The Robeez are still looking great. The soles on the Target brand have began to wear away...almost like when a sweater pills up. The soles on the Robeez look like brand new.

My thanks to the Robeez folks!! I will pass on the word that they are the shoes to get for the little ones!


gnightgirl said...

WhoooHoo! Welcome aboard!

There are just some items out there that are SO worth the extra bucks.

Frugal Mom said...

gnightgirl : Thanks for reading! You are my first ever comment! It's like the first dollar bill you get when you open a store!

Momo said...

I'm sooo glad you started a blog!

Gnightgirl has told me how adept you are at running a household and I need tips! (Especially with a baby on the way!)

Glad you got the shoes you wanted and that it was worth it.

Much More Than A Mom said...

Robeez are awesome! (I reviewed them here
I bought cheapie ones once, at Winners I think, and returned them the next day. They can't compare.

zobars said...

Robeez are wonderful

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I wish there were Robeez big enough for my feet. I would like a pair with donkeys on them. :-)

frugalmom said...

And I would like a pair with llamas. :)