Monday, January 29, 2007

A visit to the Michigan Clan

This weekend K and I hitched a ride with my Ma, aunt, and cousin to go see Grandma in Michigan.

A good time was had by all. We gave my sister a surprise birthday party and she got lots of good loot! Thanks to Aunt G and Uncle V for the lovely accomodations and for helping us feel right at home.

K got to go sledding up near Lake Michigan which was a treat for her since where we are there are neither lakes nor hills. Then they loaded up and went to the local McDonald's for a snack. The one they made it to was having a huge grand opening complete with free cake and ice cream, face painting, goody bags...she had a blast.

Later that day, (still in Michigan) as I sit by my lonesome back in the craft room at Aunt G's, I get a call on my cell phone. It went something like this:


Is this Mrs. so and so?

Yes, it is.

Well, this is so and so from McDonald's. I wanted to tell you about K. I just got off the phone with your husband, S. (As I sit there totally confused since my husband is back home still and what could this person possibly know about K.)

How did you do that?

I used the phone number from the paper.

Okay, you seem to know alot about me and I don't know you. And what paper?

The paper your daughter filled out. She must have been in here sometime today and filled out a form. (I'm still not getting it)

Okay. Yeah, she was there.

I just wanted to tell you that your daughter's name was just chosen for free tickets for a family of four to Michigan Adventure.

Oh, wow! That's great! (I have no idea what this place is.)

Congratulations! Just come on in sometime with your ID and we will give them to you. (As he proceeds to talk to me like we are best friends for several more minutes.)

When K gets back later, I tell her what happened and she was like "Oh yeah, it musta just slipped my mind that I filled them out since I figured it was so unlikely that I would win anything." "Man, I was hoping you woulda said I won the plasma TV..." "That's cool too, tho."

All the while I am thinking this is so great! We never win anything...and from the reaction from everyone else this place must be pretty neat! She just takes it like it happens all the time! Too funny!

So, needless to say, we will be going back this summer to use our free tickets and see everyone again!


gnightgirl said...

This was a fun post. You didn't ask K to say, pick out a few random (cough) lotto numbers?

Much More Than A Mom/The Opinionated Parent said...

Cool! Congratulations on the big win!

(Did you receive your CD from The Opinionated Parent?)