Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just another lazy Sunday

Not much going on around here today. We awoke to a few inches of snow and the big kids had to get out and use their snowball makers and snowball shields. It was pretty fun to see them making perfect snowballs and piling them up just so they could pelt each other.

Next thing you know the neighbors are over and they are in on the fun, too.

Not to be outdone, they had to fire up the grill and roast weenies and make hot chocolate! In 30 degree weather! Too fun!

Then my daughter and I went on a field trip to meet a potential pet for my Ma. His name is Wilson and he is super cute...even with a cleft palate and missing his top lip! I am pretty sure she will be taking him home. She couldn't resist.


Mim said...

He's too cute.

J.J. said...

The weenie roast and snowball fight sounds like it was alot of fun. My hubby and son went sledding and came home soaking wet but they had alot of fun! Your Ma will never be able to resist that dog!!

gnightgirl said...

What fun, I'd never heard of a snowball maker! The snow was perfect for it too.

Wilson's pretty cute, I'm sure he'll have a nice life with yo mama.