Sunday, January 20, 2008

Breaking out the big guns

So, I got to take my sexy man of a husband out to get some new clothes. A much needed event. After seeing him still sporting clothes from high school....he was due! We, well okay, I, picked out some great things for him to wear. New zapatos, too!

Fast forward to today. I was catching up on the laundry. Something I seem to do every day...altho it seems I never actually catch up. There is always something in the hamper. I have lessened the craziness of it by really going thru alot of the families clothing inventory. Purging, if you will. How many clothes must one have, really? That has helped tremendously. New things that my husband and I are purchasing are of a higher quality in hopes that they will last longer. The kids...we still hit the sales racks and the resale shops. They grow so fast....

Back to the laundry....the new things we purchase I also do not dry. Not only does it conserve on energy(and I am all about that) I am hoping that it will prolong the life of the items. After the items had dried I had to get out the iron. Okay, here's the thing. I really do not iron. I have never liked it. And in the past I had purchased things that I knew would not need ironing. I mean, I know how to iron. My big brother showed me how. He has always been in the restaurant business and has to look all seamless and fab. So, I pulled out the iron and the board...I began the process...fill it up with water so that the steam will help pull out the wrinkles. Let it heat up. Okay. Ready. Get the shirt all ready to iron. Its all nicely laid out on the board. Pick up iron. Move it around. The goal is to get the wrinkles out, right? This is taking forever. I mean forever. I am going over and over them and they still seem to be there. Ughhh.

Hubby offers to go out and get me a new iron. What? A new iron? Are you kidding? This one is an heirloom. I have had it since we were married. My ma got it for me. From the Goodwill. How can I get a new iron? That is just crazy. Okay, you twisted my arm. Go ahead.

He returns from the store. With this. The Sunbeam Steam Master 4214.

This is like the iron from the Gods. Or as my husband pointed out a saying from Wil Smith.

Old and Busted.

New hotness.

Did you know that irons arent supposed to leak water when you use them? Did you know they are supposed to get so hot that you cant touch them? And steam? They actually steam. That is amazing. Mine had holes to steam, but you pushed the button and the steam just came out at random moments in time....never one of them being when I actually needed it. More like after I had set it up and was moving my shirt around on the board. And it has a retractable cord. No more trying to figure out how to get the cord to stay all wrapped up on the iron.

Needless to say, I was in pure awe of the new appliance. As were the kids. Oh wait, maybe they were just in awe at seeing an iron. The mere appliance confused them. That's pretty bad, huh?


Anonymous said...

The old one would have worked if you would have ran a little vinegar water through it,and oh... if you would have actually used it in the last 10 years... m

Me said...

The old ones always work, but the new ones are so much lighter - makes it nice if you are going to do much ironing. Make sure you teach the kids to iron just in case. They can press the things you'd iron if you had time - at least that's what my mom did. Crisply ironed pillow cases are really nice.