Sunday, January 13, 2008

House Update

The basement plumbing and floor have been completed as well as the garage floor.

Next on the list is framing. I am sure the neighbors out there are gonna love to hear that going up all day long! The last house we were in, we had built as well. We were one of the first houses done. So, I got to enjoy all the construction noises, construction people, and the many flat tires that we had to endure due to all the construction crap laying around.

One of the worst parts of enduring the construction crews that we had to experience was when the men decided it would be totally fine to walk out in the middle of our culdesac and take a leak. That was nice. Believe you, me. I was on the phone the instant that I had to view that and let them know that I was not happy with that and that it was totally unacceptable. I mean, I have children for crying out loud. They were building like 15 houses out there, Put up a dang potty house. Right? No, I guess they thought that was a bad idea.

I kept calling and complaining and they kept saying they would take care of it. It kept happening, so my first response was to not allow them to use my outdoor faucets. They would use them all the time to do brickwork and whatever else. They always asked and I always said sure. They were mighty surprised that first time they came over to get permission to use my water and I said No. They looked at me with quite the odd look and and I proceeded to tell them that when they decided to stop relieving themselves in the middle of the street then they were free to use my water again. Funny how a potty house showed up that afternoon!

Hopefully, this crew has better manners and all the future neighbors wont have to go thru that!


Christy said...

When we had our last house built one of the workers pooped in the attic! My husband couldn't believe it when he found it. He made the foreman clean it up.

frugalmom said...

Christy: That beats mine! That is just not right.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

So, I'm just a bit behind with my comments on this post, but I think you handled this really well!! Way to use positive reinforcement to get the little boys to do the right thing! lol

And Christy?..... Ewwwwwww!! That is almost more gross that I can even think about. Are you kidding me?! That is SO not right.