Thursday, July 31, 2008

Look where I have been

Im so excited.... and I just cant hide it........

I went to another llama farm! Another one! Me! I did!

This farm has 7 llamas. 6 adults and 1 little guy. Manny, Midge, Nino, Jet, Nikki, Dusty, and Grumpy...oh, wait, thats a dwarf...that last one is Gidget.(I know Im not supposed to have favorites. Okay? I know. So, Im not gonna say that Gidget was my favorite. Im not. That wouldnt be nice.)

I GOT TO FEED THE LLAMAS! Me! I did! And man, did they all like their food. They each had their own little food trough, but they kept running to each others and switching places. It was too funny. Then one guy got kinda mad at another guy and spat his food at him. He didnt "spit" like ewwww...gross...spit. It was just food, but got his point across just as well.

But wait, it gets better. So much better. I GOT TO WALK THE LLAMAS. Me! I did! I got to walk Manny and K got to walk Nikki. Nikki is the little guy. Just 10 mos. old. He kept nudging the other 2 llamas while we were walking because he wanted to let everyone know he was still there. Just in case we would have forgotten. He also liked to veer off course quite frequently because he was so curious. Just like a little kid. Everything was still so new to him. See me on the phone? We were walking along and my phone was S. G wanted to talk to me. "Are you at the llama farm, mama?" Yes. "Are you having fun, mama?" Yes. I am. "Are the llamas being good, mama?" Why, yes. They are. "Can I talk to the llama, mama?" Maybe another time, baby. Mama is right in the middle of taking the llama for a walk. Then there was a moment of silence. " Is the llama in the stroller, mama?" No, baby. He's walking like a big boy. "Oh. Okay. I love you, mama." I love you, too, buddy. Bye.

When we got back from the walk I got to try to take Manny's halter off. ALL BY MYSELF. I have to admit, it was a little intimidating at first. He was pretty big and pretty shifty. Trish(the farm owner) was there guiding me thru it the whole time. I had to get my arm around his neck and guide his head towards me and unclip the halter. While still holding the lead....well, what I didnt take into account was that I am right handed. I mean, I know that Im right handed, but the way I was holding his neck caused me to all of a sudden to become left handed. That wasnt working out so well. But, all was well. Trish stepped in and pulled the halter off the rest of
the even tho I wasnt able to do it all on my own. It was certainly good practice. I loved every minute of it.

Here's Jet! Enjoying the nice breeze while he takes a break in the barn.

And THIS! How do I even begin to describe this....

1 kiss

2 kiss

3 kiss

This is Gidget. She gave me lots of llama love. I just took it all in so I would have enuf to last me till next time!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ha ha ha!! What a great day - I'm so happy for you - I wish I could've been there. Man, those llamas are gorgeous. The one you took for a walk was wonder you were a bit intimidated with the haltering! And that has to be the sweetest phone call to get from a little boy...what a smarty...he associated you taking the llama for a walk with them being in a stroller! Can't you just see the pictures this boy must have in his mind sometimes?
It just really looks like you and K. had the perfect day. Was Gidget really and truly giving you kisses or just presenting her nose for you?

frugalmom said...

Dorothy: What are you trying to say? That I dont know a llama kiss when I see one? It was a kiss. So there. Manny was huge. Super huge. And he liked to stop and eat every few steps or so...Hence the hugeness.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Aww, Maude, now don't go gettin' all sensitive on me. Of course you know what a kiss is, I just needed some donks will put their faces up to BE kissed but not KISS actually. Just needed to know the DETAILS. And, don't you HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE CAPITALIZE STUFF ALL THE TIME, like what they're saying is super important?

sugarcreekstuff said...

Grumpy, that had me cracking up. I cant wait to see the pics of that huge llama in the stroller. Hee hee. Sounds like a great day.

frugalmom said...


sugarcreekstuff: Yeah, he has a great imagination. Altho, being 2 he more than likely really thinks I was pushing that llama in a stroller!

Anonymous said...

Agnes says "Ladies! One does not shout! Where are your finishing school manners?" ;) Angie says "YAY MAUDE!! You go with your Llama kissing self!! (Was there lotsa tongue?!)":)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Indeed, Agnes, indeed...a proper lady must never raise her voice. Unless she's out in the field picking corn and the baby starts a comin', right then and there.
However, Angie, you SHOCK me! Are you leading us back to the rolling/frolicking conversation? (M's not gonna like this, I could hardly get her to tell us about her toes...) :-)

frugalmom said...

Danni: See what you have done to Angie....was there lotsa tongue? That is a question YOU would ask....what is this world coming to? Wait, I need a drink.

Anonymous said... was a llama kiss after all...there HAD to be tongue! ;)

Dorothy-I love how you get in trouble when I'm's so freeing! ;)

Twinville said...

Llamas don't stick their tongues out. Their tongues are too short :)
They can't even lick their own babies(crias).

Frugal Mom, I can just feel the excitement in your typed words. It's contagious, in such a great way!
It feels good seeing that other folks love llamas as much as I do. Many people who find out I have llamas and that I enjoy mine so much think I'm nuts.
They always ask me, "What do you do with llamas?"

Well, what do you do with a cat? Or a dog? You love on 'em right? You spend time with them, maybe take them for walks, brush and groom them, snuggle their soft fur...and breathe in that heavenly llama breath!

I've trained my female llama, Cataleya how to pack, so we take her for hikes. We are also entering her into a parade. She is a terrific PR llama and very curious and friendly.

She looks and sounds alot like Gidget actually.
Aren't llama kisses great? Aren't their noses so amazingly soft?

I'm so happy for you :)