Monday, September 1, 2008

Garden update

Things are coming along just fine in the veggie garden. Went out today to get some weeding done and to tie up some of the tomatoes that seem to want to sprawl everywhere. I lost one of my cucumber plants due to some kind of got all white and powdery and then turned all yellow and then...DEAD. Usually we use a milk and water solution to alleviate this problem, but this time it just didnt do the trick.

The back portion of the fence is almost done. The kids were a huge help in this endeavor and in the process only injured one thumb. Out of four thumbs hanging around waiting to be was not so bad!

I got my bird bath all cleaned up and filled. Not like we have any birds to speak of, I mean, birds tend to like trees and in this neighborhood there is nary a tree in sight.

I have this huge pineapple sage plant....I thought it was supposed to get red flowers all over it and entice little hummingbirds to my yard.....I dont have any flowers on mine yet....any thoughts?


Meg said...

Wow, you guys have made so much progress on the yard! It seems like you just moved in, practically!

I think that was probably powdery mildew on your cucumbers--that stuff stinks. We have never had it very badly, but I've read that baking soda can help prevent it. I guess you would mix it with water and spray it on, possibly? I hope you guys got to eat lots of cukes before they gave up the fight, at least!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

You really simply MUST make your pictures just a bit larger...I can't even see G's cute little face. He looks about the size of an ant in the garage pic you posted. :-)
And what's that blue motorized device behind him?

Look at all your wonderful tomatoes...that's a good perspective of the rows you guys have. Sorry about the cuke disease.

Pretty birdbath...if I were a bird, I'd totally bathe there, even without the trees. :-)

frugalmom said...

HI Meg: Thanks for words of encouragement! We are making steady progress I like to think! At times tho it feels like its taking forever. I figured that it was powdery mildew. Im not sure why the milk thing didnt pan out this season. We almost always run into this because it gets so dang humid here...the bigger challenge is to keep it from spreading to all the other plants.

Danni: Look! I made that one pic bigger just for you.

Thats my motorized cart that I take when I go grocery shopping. G and I just zip all over the place with that puppy. It works really well as a riding lawn mower, too.

You can see the rows now! I should have taken a before and after. Btwn the weeds and the plants laying all over the place it was hard to even know we had rows.

And just for the record....I think G would take a bath in there if Id let him!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

MUCH better. Look at that cute, lil face! :-)

NW Nature Nut said...

My pineapple sage always blooms LATE, like in October and November. Watch for little buds, they might start forming soon!

sugarcreekstuff said...

Your little helper is adorable, is he for hire?

frugalmom said...

nw nature nut: Thanks for the info. I will keep my eye out for them!