Monday, March 12, 2007

Egg enlightenment Episode 2

So, I have finally found it. The egg I have been looking for all my life. Okay, so I haven't actually eaten one yet, but I will. Soon. This Wednesday, in fact.

I hunted and hunted and found this farm. Which happens to be about 50 miles from home. And they come to my town every Wednesday to make fresh egg deliveries. So, this week will be my first batch! I am so excited. I had heard of the farm before because they are at our market every year and they have the hugest tables filled with totally delicious stuff. I just never dug deep enuf to know that they sold eggs, too.

I will let you know more after I taste one. Many people have said to me that they are going to taste a lot different then what I think an egg tastes like. Do you think so? Are real farm fresh eggs that much different in taste? Tell me what you think.


Gnightgirl said...

I don't know about the eggs there, but their meat is to die for; there IS a difference; you hardly dare ruin it with a marinade or spice!

Katrine said...

I was raised on farm fresh eggs. We raised chickens ourselves. Today I am raising children on store bought eggs. Not only because I can't tell the difference between the eggs, but also because I refuse to have chickens! So, I'll be interested to see if you can tell the difference. Because I'll admit it, I may not care what the taste difference is because of my childhood memories of raising the filthy birds! Enjoy your eggs!