Saturday, March 17, 2007

Link Loveage

or Passing on of the posts. Whichever you prefer.

I am going to be passing out the compliments, so, if you are not a good compliment taker...shape up!

OMSH---You have got to go by her blog and check it out. It is amazing. The latest posts about honoring the children and so forth have been just fabulous. Between the actual posts and the bajillion comments...head on over there, you'll see what I mean. It is real life. Everyday stuff. Fantastic.

Expat---Need a reason to eat better? This blog gives you several and let's you know how it can affect your kids. Good and Bad. Sharing the ideas of how coming back to the dinner table can improve your health and your life overall. Can I just say, thanks. And keep it going. I'm passing it on in the hopes that it will put the idea in one more person's head that eating as a family has a huge impact.

The Cleaner Plate Club---More good food ideas. And informative articles, to boot. And tons of step by step great recipes. That are tried and true. Let me start by saying, "Kale Chips"? Never, in a million, trillion years would I have ever thought of this or tried this until I saw it on your blog. The whole time I am fixing it I am saying to myself...the kids are never gonna eat this..they are gonna take one look at it and well, you get the picture! Low and behold, and yes, I can admit when I am wrong, they loved them. My littlest one couldn't get enuf of them. His face was green when he was done. Little kale chip crumbs...
Go ahead, check it out. You know you want to. Oh, and when you go, make sure you tell her I said "Hi."

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