Monday, March 5, 2007


Otherwise known as corn grits. I recommend that everyone give them a try.

They are a big hit in the house and are even better when you eat them with a touch of butter and some honey. The general directions call for 3 c water to 1 c grits. I use 2 c water and 1 cup organic chicken broth. Gives it a little more flavor.

If you were to ask my 11 month old, he would say they are even better when I rub them all through my hair and in my ears...


Gnightgirl said...

I'm trying to catch up, been busy busy.


I consider grits and polenta and mush 3 different things, no matter that they're all the same ingredient, prepared differently.

I love grits. I love them with cheese and pepper.

I love polenta.

Mush, however, is for nursing homes and dentures. I'll acquire a taste for it in the year 2057, but not a minute before!

Have you ever let polenta set up, then grill it, and put some marinara sauce, etc. over it?! Shuh-HUH!

Leeanthro said...

My family is from Italy and my father and aunt tell stories about how as children they had to stand by the stove stirring the polenta for an hour, their arms aching the whole time. But we have switched to instant polenta which tastes as good and takes about 10 minutes.

Try slicing leftovers and frying them up for breakfast the next morning.

But my advice: NEVER buy the tube of prepared polenta. That's just criminal!

Frugal Mom said...

Leeanthro: I can't imagine having to cook something so labor intensive. I will stick with the instant. I get that Bob's Red Mill brand. It is pretty tasty. I will have to try the slicing technique. The kids would probably like that! Thanks for the suggestion.