Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bloggers that make you think

Gnightgirl over at This Just In has been so nice and awarded me a thinking blogger award. I think (ha ha) that along with this award I am to pass on the award to 5 more bloggers.

According to my research this award all started over at The Thinking Blogger. So that you could set out to award other bloggers that you felt have or still do make you think.

I am going to pretend that
Gnightgirl gave me this award because she really likes my blog and that I have interesting things to say! Not just because she loves me and she has to. Either way I come out ahead, right!

So, here goes.

OMSH--- She talks about life. Everyday life and how it impacts her and her kids. She talks about how in raising her kids she has learned many things. Most importantly, she talks about honoring your kids and how to teach them things that will take them so far in life.

The Cleaner Plate Club--- She has great whole food recipes, info on how she got the food and where it came from and step by step instructions on how to get your meal to look just like her fabulous pics do!

The Expatriate's Kitchen--- Great articles on food and the influences it has become in our lives. Great articles on how to change that. And the best in my opinion, how to bring families back to the table.

Much More Than A Mom--- Ideas on how to raise your family living an organic lifestyle. As well as other great ideas.

Shaping Youth
--- Bringing out the truths as to how media and marketing affects our children and great ways to counteract that.


Amy said...

Just caught your comment on our Shaping Youth blog, thanks! You might want to take a peek at our post today about Kaiser's huge Food Advertising study just released in Washington with Brownback et al. Definitely validates our counter-marketing hunches. We've got all the links, webcasts and such on this Shaping Youth Through TV Ads posting:

boogiemum said...

I hope your babies are feeling better soon. Its so hard to watch your children in pain and not be able to take it away!

I really enjoyed your thinking awards. I know and visit a few of them already, but look forward to exploring the rest!

OMSH said...

Okay, I'll bite ... give me a bit to get it out. *wink*

Frugal Mom said...

Amy: Thanks for stopping by. I saw your post about being tagged! Thanks for the link and all the good info you out out there.

Much More Than A Mom said...

Well, thank you!