Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The sun will come out, tomorrow

Today was one of those days where you just wanna climb right back in the bed and get all cozy under the covers and just stay there....for a long time.

I have been feeling under the weather for a few days and finally decided after 3 days of fever and sore throat that I would go to see the dr. I am sure my being sick has everything to do with the fact that all 3 of my kids have been sick over their 3 week spring break. So, I call in to the dr. this morn and get the earliest appt. they have open. In the meantime, I have to get the kids fed, shower, change the baby, and then eat some breakfast myself. Oh, and call Grammy to see if she can sit with the kids so I can go.

As I am eating my bowl of oatmeal I see outside that it is getting pretty dark and nasty. The wind is beginning to pick up and the lightning and thunder is beginning to roll in. Great. It is gonna pour down rain right when I have to leave. And yes, does it ever. Rain and rain and rain. I pull into the clinic and it is just coming down in sheets. I sit there a minute, you know you do too, thinking that it will slow down just for me so that I can get out of the car. A minute turned into more like 5 and I finally talked myself into getting out. I have an umbrella and still get soaking wet because it is so windy. Get all checked in and am sitting there waiting for my turn...what is that noise, I think to myself? I guess everyone else was thinking that too. Because we all get up and go look outside. It is hailing. Nice, marble sized hails...all over the pretty cars in the parking lot...lotsa hail...about 15 minutes of hail. The lady next to me and myself pretty much look at each other and say,"I'm gonna go sit down. Not anything I can do about it. Let's just not watch." Good plan.

Get in for my appt and have to sit thru pretty much the equivalent of 2 appts because there was a medical student who came in first and had to do everything the actual dr was going to do so he could report all his findings to her. Just so she could come in and do them all over and they could talk about it. I have strep throat. They both came to that conclusion. There was a consensus. Especially since I went in with the assumption that that's what it was. Great. Lovely.

Get home, eat some lunch...more soup. Yummm...Take my meds. So, I have to say that my throat feels a lot better. However, in order for my throat to feel better I have to have a pretty nasty stomach ache. But, you gotta love antibiotics, right. makes one thing feel better and then makes something else not so good.

The sun will come out, tomorrow. Even if it is going to be 25 degrees cooler than it has been.


J.J. said...

What a rotten day. It sounds like your whole break has been pretty rotten. Things will look brighter when you're feeling better. It's rough having to take care of the kids when you feel so bad. At least school starts back up next Tuesday! Anytime you need to send the kids over here, feel free. (It will help keep my kids out of each other's hair)

Gnightgirl said...

I second that dark, nasty sky; we were on our way out, to take Ilaiy to Chicago...stepped outside for some last minute snapshots at 9 a.m....they all look like they were taken at 9 in the evening.

Hope that strep gets better soon. Yuck.

Crazy Young Black Woman said...

Sorry your sickly. I hope your feeling better soon!